Archived Versions


The files provided here are for nostalgic purposes only. If you want to play the game, please visit the regular download page.

Past SRB2 versions available in chronological order for your nostalgic pleasure!

If you have a version that is needed or missing…. send it in!

SRB1 v1.3fOriginal Release Date: February 1998

The crappy original! This started it all. Can you believe it? I can’t.

SRB2 TGFiOriginal Release Date: April 1998

SRB2 made in The Games Factory. Quite impressive for its time.

SRB1 ChristmasOriginal Release Date: December 1998

A Christmas game using SRB2 TGF, since we knew it was going to be scrapped.

SRB2 Halloween v1.32Original Release Date: October 1999

This was STJr’s very first SRB2 release, updated to Windows and includes an extra level. Programming had begun only 45 days beforehand.

SRB2 Christmas v0.90 *MISSING!*Original Release Date: December 1999

The first release of the “Christmas” series. Unlike SRB2 Halloween, gameplay was much more Sonic-esque. This version featured a total of 6 levels.

NOTE: DOS/Windows 9x ONLY

SRB2 Christmas v0.92Original Release Date: January 2000

Our old programmer returns – he wasn’t too happy with SSNTails’s job on crashy 0.90 – and Sonikku puts him to work. This version added invincibility and several other kinds of powerups. It also features a rather odd homing attack. Due to the programmer being a bit too eccentric, network play is broken in this version. Sonikku decided it was best that he just leave for good after this was released; most of his work had to be undone.

NOTE: DOS/Windows 9x ONLY

SRB2 Christmas v0.93Original Release Date: March 2000

The third release of the “Christmas” series. It introduced many new things, such as several cosmetic changes, and a playable Tails for the first time.

NOTE: DOS/Windows 9x ONLY

SRB2 Christmas v0.94Original Release Date: April 2000

The fourth release of the “Christmas” series. Essentially a ‘tidy-up’ of v0.93, and several new features like the analog control option.

NOTE: DOS/Windows 9x ONLY

SRB2 Christmas v0.96Original Release Date: September 2000

Originally given to contest winners in September 2000, it was released approximately one year later to the public. It has been updated to a Windows version.

SRB2 Demo 1Original Release Date: November 2000

With people knocking down our proverbial doors wanting something new, this demo was released as a preview to Demo 2.

SRB2 Demo 2Original Release Date: March 2001

Demo 2 is a milestone in STJr’s history. It included four playable acts.

SRB2 Demo 3Original Release Date: June 2001

This was the first demo to feature the multiplayer elements being developed since Demo 2 – Match, Race, and Tag.

SRB2 Demo 4.0Original Release Date: December 2001

The last build using Legacy 1.30, it contained the same number of acts as past demos, except a new secret level, Castle Eggman Zone. Capture the Flag multiplayer mode was also introduced.

If you played in Christmas mode, you went on a mission to find Santa’s clothing, and he gave you a reward.

SRB2 Demo 4.1Original Release Date: December 2001

A quick bug-fix response to some serious problems discovered with 4.0. A “temporary” Knuckles sprite was also introduced.

SRB2 Demo 4.35Original Release Date: April 2002

Originally 4.32 to to stand for the conversion of SRB2 to the Legacy 132 base, a few bug fixes quickly bumped it up to 4.35.

SRB2 Final Demo 1.01Original Release Date: June 2003

This was the first release to feature the latter two acts for Techno Hill Zone. In combination with the now non-secret Castle Eggman Zone, this brought the number of total acts to nine. Tons of secret features (such as NiGHTS) were implemented as well.

SRB2 Final Demo 1.04Original Release Date: September 2003

A simple bugfix release. Also notable for being the last version of SRB2 that was coded solely by SSNTails.

SRB2 Final Demo 1.08Original Release Date: January 2004

This release was meant to try and sort out all of the patch confusion caused by 1.04. The controversial “multi-thok” ability was removed from Sonic, restricting him to only one thok per jump.

SRB2 Final Demo 1.09Original Release Date: September 2005

Hugely hyped at release, 1.09 added a plethora of modding features to the game, while fixing most of the issues found in 1.08. It also marked the removal of Mystic’s ill-fated “Chaos Mode”, as well as Knuckles’ multi-glide ability, known also as “Spidey Knux”.

SRB2 Final Demo 1.09.2Original Release Date: January 2006

A bugfix release for 1.09. Also notable for some modding enhancements.

SRB2 Final Demo 1.09.4Original Release Date: August 2006

The longest lasting public release of SRB2 until version 2.0. Notable for being the last version with weapon ring combinations, as well as the homing and infinity rings. It contained 29 multiplayer maps, a monumental amount for its time. A minor 1.09.4a patch was also released during this time, fixing a critical security exploit.

SRB2 v2.0.6
SRB2 v2.0.7 Patch
Original Release Date: May 2010

The longest lasting public release of SRB2.┬áCompletely revamping the multiplayer weapon system, along with introducing many new acts to single player. Just a few months before 2.1.0′s release, a minor 2.0.7 patch was released to fix a security exploit in netplay.

srb2sndcvr.jpg (46550 bytes)The ORIGINAL Sonic Robo Blast 2: Official Soundtrack!

Yes, this thing is ancient (2000, if I remember right). Pretty bad quality, but contains a few themes that sound different.

01) Title Theme
02) Introduction
03) Green Flower
04) Techno Hill
05) Deep Sea
06) Mine Maze
07) Rocky Mountain
08) Red Volcano
09) Dark City
10) Doomship
11) Robotnirock (EggRock)
12) Boss Theme
13) Final Boss Theme
14) Bonus Track