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A dev trinket here, a dev trinket there…

Spazzo - May 13, 2010

Because you’ve all been really nice and patient with us regarding v2.0.5 (trust me, we’re almost ready!), here’s a little something that we’d like to share with you in return. Fellow STJr. programmer and Wiki maintainer Inuyasha has been posting a few v2.0.5 clips of his own to his personal YouTube, highlighting some new minor additions and ‘interesting’ achievements he’s accomplished in the game. See for yourself:

SRB2 v2.0.5: Screwing around with spectators

SRB2 v2.0.5: A word to the wise...

In unrelated news, the MS Reform testing that occurred on May 9th went on without a hitch, and everything was confirmed to be in good working order. With some luck, the transition to v2.0.5 should be the most stable and flawless transition yet.

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