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SRB2 v2.0.6 is now available!

Spazzo - May 31, 2010

SRB2 v2.0.6 is now available! This should hopefully fix most of the problems in v2.0.5.

Due to the nature of this release, there will be no patch for this release. For those who wish to retain their gamedata/configuration, we advise making a backup of gamedata.dat and config.cfg before installation.

Download v2.0.6 here! As with last time, click “more” for a more detailed list of changes.

UPDATE: Non-torrent download now available!

v2.0.6 Changelog

– OpenGL has officially been enabled, use the -opengl parameter to activate it. As always, OpenGL is unsupported, so if something doesn’t display right, we’re not going to be worrying about it.
– Compiled the EXE using GCC to prevent errors concerning consistency protection and dedicated servers.
– Added support for per-level palettes.
– Moved SRB2’s levels to a new resource file, zones.dta.
– PNG screenshots now include map, level, and location metadata.
– Updated SOCEdit to function with the latest version of SRB2.
– Brak Eggman’s missiles now aim slightly above the player, rather than at their feet.
– Hall of mirrors protection now defaults to off due to framerate problems in 2.0.5.

– Thickened the thok barrier around the spikes, preventing the player from being able to spindash through it.
– Altered the tunnel near the start and the tunnel near the emerald token to use FOFs.
– Fixed a few hall of mirrors.
– Fixed a bad midtexture offest.
– Fixed a rather ugly broken sector.
– Fixed columns not having water in them after receding.
– Squared off the outside edges of the broken fountain at the start. It doesn’t look quite the same, but it fixes being able to run straight through some of its walls.
– Fixed a couple walls in the starting area that didn’t have the NOCLIMB flag.
– Slightly changed the shape of the broken fountain at the level start, as you could run straight through its low walls.
– Fixed the waterslide area not having flat scrolling.
– Hopefully fixed the zoom tube near the emerald token from not always working on the first try.
– Fixed a rather odd broken sector on the big water slide.
– Made the center pipe slightly thicker to prevent thokking and spinning through it.
– Fixed some cliffs that were set as death pits.
– Fixed a fence section where the fake floor was in a different place than the fence graphic.
– Fixed some rings that had the wrong offset.
– Fixed a button not going down all the way.
– Fixed a set of three flags being in a stupid location.
– Fixed not being able to get Tails’ emblem and restored the FOFs that go over the spike balls in that room.
– Fixed a waving polyobject flag being rotated to the right upon one of the buttons being hit.
– Fixed the tops of some pulleys being death pits.
– Fixed rope stack from not all scrolling properly.
– Fixed ropes scrolling improperly.
– Replaced depreciated air bobbing platforms with the correct bobbing platform.
– Did a find and replace to get rid of the old lava textures/flats and replace with the new ones.
– Restored the springs used to propel oneself out of the lava after collecting the emerald token to their former location.
– Moved a spring that was in a strange location to a more logical one.
– Added three springs in various inescapable places if you were invincible or had an elemental shield.
– Added a closing rock door to seal players in so they cannot jump on the platform with the end sign, then escape the room before the lava rises up in single player.
– Fixed the RVZ1 lower path where the lava wouldn’t hurt the player as it drained down the shaft.
– Fixed a small sliver sector that had no lava in it.
– Fixed some rings not having their float flag checked.
– Fixed the large floor to ceiling crusher not having a texture on its back side.
– Fixed the glass in the scrolling platform room to be the correct size for the opening.
– Fixed two areas in the conveyor room that didn’t have the correct parameters.
– Fixed an area where you could flip gravity infinitely over a deathpit.
– Fixed three areas where there was no death pit effect.
– Fixed two areas where there was no space countdown effect.
– Put an invisible barrier over the other end of the shrink machine, so one cannot shrink, go through backward and spam the sound indefinitely.
– Fixed the conveyor and laser room before the horizontal crushers.
– Fixed a missing texture.
– Removed play sound linedef executors.
– Removed run script linedef executors.
Emerald Coast Zone:
– Fixed some sector borders not having grass.
Lime Forest Zone:
– Fixed a visual glitch where bits of a third flag were appearing.
Silver Cascade Zone:
– Fixed emeralds spawning in walls.
– Fixed a misplaced ring box.
Nimbus Ruins Zone
– Fixed a monitor spawning inside of a grenade ring.

– Fixed CTF flags failing to respawn.
– Fixed issues with the palette when using Alt-Tab.
– Fixed an issue regarding NiGHTS bumpers under flipped gravity.
– Fixed an issue regarding ghost mobjs and FOFs.
– Fixed gravity-flipped rings not respawning with the correct height.
– Tweaked the height of flung emeralds to fix an issue regarding their collision.
– Fixed a few menu strings not having backdrops.
– Fixed an exploit where emeralds carried over from netgames to single player.
– Fixed an issue regarding the MOTD and word-wrapping.
– Fixed RUNSOC modifying the game if it cannot find the specified file.

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