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Spazzo - June 11, 2010

Hey, guys, you all enjoying v2.0.6? Glad to hear it!

Anyways, since the tension and pressure has finally been relieved behind-the-scenes, I thought I’d take a quick moment to address a few questions.

Q: Whoa, OpenGL is enabled? Why’d you guys do this?

A: In the past, we have had seperate “opengl-enabled” EXEs released using a different compiler. Not only did this take away any reason for us barring its use officially, but it created stability issues when you tried to play the game on an EXE without OGL. It was decided that — for the sake of simplicity, ease of use, and to please our users — that we should just enable its use to the public.

Q: Does this mean you guys are actively working on fixing OpenGL?

A: Yes and no. Our priority at this moment is not to concentrate all of our development resources on perfecting our second renderer. With that said, if solutions to existing  issues with OpenGL are brought to us, we have no reservations integrating them — just don’t expect feature implementations anytime soon.

Q: Why in the world did v2.0.6 come out a week after v2.0.5? Shouldn’t you guys be spending more time working on each release?

A: So many bugs were brought to us regarding v2.0.5 immediately after launch, that we had no choice but to fix as many as possible and send a release your way, despite the hassle of downloading >100 MB of new content. This plays into why we separated the IWAD into two files — one for core resources and one for the levels — to make version-to-version updates less of a hassle for everybody.

Q: I’ve always wondered….how do I make a [character/level/SOC/EXE modification/anything else] in SRB2?

A: Have you read our Wiki?

Q: Why do you guys release with a torrent first? I don’t like using torrent downloading programs!

A: Bandwidth concerns. Imagine what 600 people per hour downloading a single file can do to your server. It is this very reason that I have made the ModDB Download the “main download” link as opposed to being the mirror.

Q: I found a bug in the game! What do I do? Who do I tell?

A: If you have an account on our message boards, feel free to post about it in our special bug reports subforum. If you’d rather not make a forum account, feel free to contact STJr directly about the issue, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Q: Hey, why doesn’t an RSS feed exist for the master server listing yet?

A: Your wish is my command.

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