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We’re curious. (SRB2 Multiplayer Survey)

Jazz - November 17, 2010

Since the Master Server went up recently, we got thinking about some stuff we were curious about. Below is a link to a survey containing ten questions concerning SRB2’s online multiplayer modes. You do not have to answer every single question, but it would be nice if you did. After about two weeks, the results will be posted publicly. Everyone taking this survey is anonymous.

Click here to take survey.

Thank you for your time.

11/18 EDIT: The survey website I was using apparently has a restriction of the first 100 responses, which was quickly reached. Needless to say, this restriction was not made clear on the website. I have switched to a new survey service which will hopefully not give out on us. If you responded already, you do not need to do so again unless you really want to. The results of both surveys are going to be looked over.

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