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More Server Downtime

Cue - January 18, 2011

If you tried to get on the site or message board (or MS or Minecraft) in the past 36 hours, you would have been greeted with errors* followed by no connection. Our hard drive failed and the /tmp filesystem went into Read-Only mode, so MySQL wasn’t working properly. We then rebuilt the server with a new HDD in it, so now we’re all good to go. No data has been lost, we’re just ironing out a couple of kinks. We apologise for the outage in Services, and hope to have everything running at 100% as soon as possible.

* And trust me, the 2317 emails I got from vBulletin telling me there had been MySQL errors was more than enough to show you guys were trying. The message board emails me every time there’s an error, you see.

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