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New Bug Reports System

Cue - February 22, 2011

Hey guys!
The bug reports system has just been through a major overhaul, we are now using a version of vBulletin Project Tools for version 3.8, this allows us to better manage the bugs you report, and better management means quicker fixing!
Not only can you now report SRB2 bugs via the Project Tools system, you can also report bugs and give feature suggestions for the Master Server, Website and Message Board!

Please be aware that the suggestions thread for SRB2 is still in place and will stay in place for the foreseeable future.

Report your bugs in SRB2 here (reverted back to old system)

Suggest features for SRB2 here

Report your bugs and suggest features for the Master Server here

Report your bugs and suggest features for the Message Board and Website here

UPDATE: Due to a few issues with the system, we have moved back to using the Bug Reports forum for Bug Reports for SRB2. You may still use the Project Tools system to submit bugs and features for both the Master Server and the Message Board/Website.

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