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Bowties and Ginger Hair

Cue - April 21, 2011

If you were around at about the time this message was posted, you may have seen an image that looked like this on your screen when you accessed the message board:

If you did, congratulations, you just experienced what we here at Sonic Team Junior call “Downtime”! Or, “Cue broke the board time”!

We apologise for the inconvenience, unfortunately a configuration error corrupted our vBulletin Database so we have used a Police Public Call Box to travel back in time to Sunday the 17th of April. FORTUNATELY thanks to the power of paradoxes, I have managed to now recover all posts and threads, so they’re all up to date now!

What were we was Cue doing that caused this problem? You’ll see!

Feel free to discuss my idiocy here.

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