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We’re Not Dead Yet

Mystic - March 5, 2013

Rumors of the project’s death have been greatly exaggerated. Despite the lack of news, we have been making slow but steady progress on SRB2 over the last year. As with the previous updates, click on the screenshots for a higher resolution version.

Techno Hill 1Techno Hill 1’s revamp continues on schedule, providing a stage that no longer feels anything like Greenflower 4. New slime, enemies appropriated from a prominent mod (No more Crawlas outside of GFZ!), and just a nice good old-fashioned set of polish all around.
Techno Hill 1 Slime TunnelThe Techno Hill slime has been completely revamped, as seen here in the underground tunnel’s first room. The slime doesn’t hurt anymore, but is exceptionally buoyant. Jumping in it will cause you to float up, bouncing in and out until you eventually lose enough momentum to start walking on it.
Techno Hill 1 Emerald Token RoomHere’s a simple example of what can be done with the new slime. Just jumping into the slime won’t provide enough depth to reach the goodies at the bottom, but if you climb up to the upper ledge and jump down, you’ll have enough speed to touch the bottom and grab the reward.
Special Stage 4The NiGHTS Special Stages are now 100% complete and ready for release with 2.1. You can even run through the stage multiple times in a single run to attempt to get a high score. For more details on the NiGHTS Special Stages, check out our previous update here.
Azure Temple2.1 also includes some outright new content, such as Azure Temple, a brutally hard extra stage which is entirely underwater. In the previous tradition of Aerial Garden, expect lots of pits, fire-breathing gargoyles, and other hazards to beat this stage. Unlike the rest of this update, you can actually try out a beta of this stage, as a 2.0.6 version was included in the May/June 2012 OLDC on the forums, located here.
Castle Eggman 1 SkyboxFinally, our coders haven’t been sitting entirely doing nothing with the netcode not working. One of the new features of 2.1 is skyboxes, which allows for more interesting, animated skies like this one in Castle Eggman 1. Those clouds are very much layered and moving.
Hydrocity SkyboxCastle Eggman has nothing on this impressive demonstration skybox, however.

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