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Even More 2.1 Preview Screenshots

Mystic - April 2, 2013

Since last month’s update didn’t have enough space for post everything we wanted to show off, here’s a bunch more 2.1 screenshots. As with all previous updates, everything here is subject to change before release.

Castle Eggman 1 - Pause MenuThe escape key menu has been dramatically changed, providing something closer to a pause menu than the old behavior of bringing up the title screen menu. The emblem checklist for the current stage and some unlockable options are also displayed here, making it less important to go all the way to the statistics screen to look up what’s missing.
Castle Eggman 2 Library TowerThe rotational chain launcher gimmick in CEZ has been streamlined. None of them allow you to change their facing direction, and all of them are large enough that just standing underneath their block will cause the player to grab it. Jumping is no longer necessary to grab hold. The chain swing gimmick has been removed from the stage entirely.
Special Stage Tally ScreenThe special stage tally screen now gives you a link bonus equal to 100 times your max link in the special stage, and also gives you a continue if you obtained fifty thousand points in the special stage itself.
Azure Temple Bugged GargoylesWe’ve made some changes to make debugging custom objects a little easier: SOC warnings given when adding a file are now accompanied by line numbers allowing you to instantly find the issues in question. Additionally, unknown things and mobjs that try to use invalid or nonexistant sprites now appear as a warning symbol, as shown in this screenshot of a work in progress Azure Temple.
NiGHTS Mode MenuAnother new addition is NiGHTS mode, which is essentially Record Attack for NiGHTS stages. Like record attack, it gives you the ability to replay any special stage you’ve already completed in an attempt to get a high score or best time, hopefully beating the requirement for an emblem. Obviously, we haven’t gotten around to making map screenshots for the special stages yet, hence the black ? box.
Statistics ScreenThe new emblem system is now fully implemented and ready to go. The exploration emblems have card suits and the star, while the other emblem types have special icons to themselves. Each emblem type also has a different color to help differentiate them.

Finally, if you’re looking for more 2.1 information, most of what gets previewed in IRC is meticulously documented on the Version 2.1 page on the Wiki.

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