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2014, the Year of 2.1

Inuyasha - January 1, 2014

If you’re one of those people that doesn’t spend all day checking IRC for the absolute latest updates, here’s a bit of a catch-up post for the holidays. Unfortunately, I can’t show much without ruining some special surprises; but nevertheless, here’s what I can show you guys:

  • The “Movie Mode” feature in 2.0.7 has been upgraded; it now supports creating an Animated GIF of your gameplay with the touch of a button.  You can view a short video of Mystic showing it off here. [3.7 MB]
  • Precipitation has been “fixed”; it no longer takes a few extra seconds at the beginning of a level to create rain or snow, and the precipitation density option has a much more dynamic effect.  Take a look at these Animated GIFs that show off the visible difference in the new options:
  • For those of you that prefer SRB2 to run in a window as opposed to taking up the entire screen:  You can now change the size of the window in the menu, instead of requiring you restart the game and mess with those picky command line options.

Finally, we here at Sonic Team Jr. wish everyone a happy (and safe) new year.  We’ll try as hard as we can to release 2.1 this year.  Seriously.

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