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Version 2.1.1 Patch

Mystic - March 15, 2014

Like every other release day, things never go off without a hitch. Head on over to the download page to download the patch. This patch fixes the following:

  • Fixed an issue that was causing people with non-English locales to have the following issues (among others):
    • Knuckles was unable to jump.
    • The camera was not properly following the player.
  • Nimbus Ruins should now properly work.
  • Touching a mine in Deep Sea Zone should no longer crash the game.

If you find any more bugs this patch doesn’t fix, please head to the Bug Reports forum to see if it’s already been reported, and if it hasn’t, report it. Hopefully we can all nail down these issues and get 2.1.X stable in the near future.

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