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Version 2.1.4 Patch

Inuyasha - March 21, 2014

Anyone placing any bets for what version number we’ll be on until everything is stable?

This patch works for any previous version of 2.1 and includes the following changes:

  • The multiplayer consistency protection code was rewritten to help netgames be more stable.
  • You can now add files to your own server without kicking yourself out of the game (fixed for real this time).
  • A lot of video code was rewritten to add features to both renderers.
    • OpenGL now has proper transparent patch support, and can now draw both the cropped pictures in the character select menu and the small player icons used for continues.
    • OpenGL should now draw the menus and HUD in their proper locations.
    • OpenGL now supports skyboxes.
    • OpenGL should now support MD2s better.
    • Software now supports the translucent HUD option.
    • Software now supports drawing any patch at any size with any translucency level and colormap. (This is mostly of interest to those doing Lua scripted HUD work.)
  • Additional functions added to the HUD library for Lua scripting.
  • Analog mode is now properly saved and restored after exiting the game.
  • More minor bugfixes and level related fixes.

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