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Version 2.1.5 Patch

Inuyasha - March 23, 2014

If you were one of those poor saps that guessed 2.1.4 would be stable, then I’m sorry to say you lost that bet.

This patch works for any previous version of 2.1 and fixes the following:

  • Numerous errors in Egg Rock Zone 3 were fixed.
    • If you have any Record Attack replays for ERZ3, you must remove them before trying to play ERZ3 in Record Attack again. This is because some of the old bugs resulted in writing corrupt data to the replay files.
  • Fixed character switching while Super Sonic in netgames leaving you stuck as another character with one of Super Sonic’s flashing colors.
  • Fixed an issue with resynching CTF netgames.
  • Once again fixed the game crashing if you were hanging on the center chain as the CEZ3 boss dies.
  • Fixed the final boss’s bombs causing major lag in certain situations.
  • More minor level fixes.
  • Lua:
    • HUD drawing functions can now use v.patchExists(string) to check if a patch exists without having to cache it.
    • Three extra configurable buttons were added that Lua can use for custom actions.

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