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Version 2.1.6 Patch

Inuyasha - March 24, 2014

You know, I’d love to order a pizza right about now, but some bum removed the ORDERPIZZA command a year or two ago.

This patch is compatible with every previous release of 2.1 (surprise!) and changes the following things:

  • A timer was added when replaying the special stage levels via NiGHTS Mode.
  • Fixed CTF mode for what will hopefully be the last time.
  • Fixed the Scatter Ring not working properly.
  • Fixed a crash when two people with Armageddon Shields hit each other.
  • Forceskin no longer crashes dedicated servers and also outputs a special message on change.
  • Some bugs were fixed regarding Knuckles’s sliding along the ground.
  • Still more minor level fixes.

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