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Version 2.1.7 Release

Inuyasha - April 14, 2014

I told you all this would be the year of 2.1, and I wasn’t kidding. How many other years have we made eight releases in?

This release is being provided both in the form of an installer for those new to the game, and a patch for those who have already installed 2.1. The patch works with any previous version of 2.1.

This release fixes the following issues:

  • Fixed an exploit where Bounce Rings would give rings to teammates without disappearing.
  • Fixed an exploit with Tails being able to ascend and keep his flying speed unchanged when over the speed cap.
  • Tails was given Super transformation sprites (courtesy of Iceman).
  • Fixed Super Knuckles in Match not having a speed bonus applied to his gliding.
  • Fixed Knuckles being able to use the Whirlwind Shield after leaving a glide.
  • The Final Boss now conveys a certain line-of-sight attack with a guideline as well as a target.
  • Fixed custom Record Attack replays not working for maps above a certain number.
  • Fixed ghosts in Egg Rock Zone 2 always being flipped, even when they left the starting area.
  • Fixed bounded console variables being set to MIN when given any string (including MAX).
  • Many small fixes were made to OpenGL rendering, including fixing Splitscreen mode not working properly.
  • Many fixes and minor changes were made to the maps.
  • Lua:
    • Optimized the Lua backend a bit. There should be less lag when using Lua, especially in object-heavy levels.
    • The game no longer crashes if you refer to a custom console command with the wrong case.
    • The game’s internal console commands can now be replaced with Lua console commands.

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