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SRB2 v 2.1.18 Patch Update

Rob Tisdell - May 12, 2017

Hey all

We weren’t really planning on doing this, but an exploit has been discovered and, unfortunately, been used to crash peoples’ servers and we need to plug the hole.  So we’re releasing version 2.1.18. We’re still hard at work on 2.2, and we’re hoping to have stuff for you soon on that front.

Patch notes:

* Netgame fixes:
* Fixed an exploit where malformed packets with invalid node identifiers caused the server to crash.
* Made the server recognise verified admin players’ bans, as opposed to only treating them as unenforced kicks.
* Fixed the fact that the allowteamchange console variable was completely broken, having previously caused both desynchronisations and crashes when switched off.

* Console fixes:
* Fixed an issue where the addfile command was incapable of locating files in subdirectories whilst in netgames.
* Fixed character selection from the command line (and therefore via launchers and level editors) being disabled.
* Fixed the dedicated server console window not handling key combinations involving the Ctrl, Alt or Shift modifier keys.

* Software rendering fixes:
* The game no longer crashes whlst attempting to render certain types of FOF off the top or bottom of the screen.
* Precipitation being off the top or bottom of the screen no longer causes visual artifacting (or, in rare cases, crashes).
* Fixed various issues with the v.DrawFill function. This includes its shoddy handling of V_SNAPTO flags, amongst other quality of life improvements.

* Minor, unrelated fixes:
* Fixed an issue where falling rock hazards could linger in perpetuity after colliding with slopes.
* Fixed a crash caused by Jet Jaw badniks attempting to attack players who had had the “MF_SHOOTABLE” object flag removed through add-ons.
* Fixed a crash caused by attempting to execute the “Call Lua Function” linedef executor with blank fields.
* Fixed an issue where attempting to have more than 10,000 screenshots in your screenshots directory was erroneously allowed.

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