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SRB2 version 2.1.20 patch release

Rob Tisdell - January 2, 2018

Belated happy new year, and thank you for your patience. There wasn’t going to be another of these, but then Windows decided to update and break all our 2.1.19 executables, so guess we’re just going to have to deal.

* Changes with major impact:
* IMPORTANT: SRB2 now detects mouse movement in a much better way. If you’ve been having issues since Windows 10 last updated, this is for you.
* Fixed downloads from servers being dropped whenever someone new attempted to join.
* Fixed several minor compounding issues with resynchronisation in netgames, which may have significant effect.
* Fixed a crash when removing thinkers (mobjects and the like) whilst running thinkers.iterate() in Lua.
* Fixed a crash caused by Lua scripts calling CV_RegisterVar on existing console variable names.
* Modified Lua’s “PlayerSpawn” hook to call its associated functions even if the player spawned at a checkpoint instead of a player start.
* Fixed Linedef type 414 crashing the game if an invalid sound number was supplied somehow.
* Linedef type 8 (Special Sector Properties)’s ability to trigger sector specials by touching sector edges (turned on by the “Peg Midtexture” flag) now works as intended.
* A restartaudio function is now available. If you change audio output device mid-game, run this command in the console and things should be taken care of.
* This isn’t really a code-side thing, but the person you should contact to get a Mod ID in future should be Rob.

* Changes with minor impact:
* Once AGAIN we have tamed the silly springs so they no longer try to jump with the player. They are now only solid to anything they can’t launch.
* Fixed Record Attack demos not recording changes to the player’s scale/size properly, which resulted in ghosts disappearing sometimes if they attempted to grow bigger.
* You can no longer kick or ban players outside of netgames. This means you can’t kick Tails out in Sonic & Tails mode in Single Player, sorry. =) Likewise with Player 2 in splitscreen mode.
* Fixed the Lua function P_FloorzAtPos not considering slopes for normal floors.
* Fixed save games for a custom mod not saving to custom home folder.
* Fixed Linedef types 305-307 (the Character Ability trigger linedef specials) being completely broken.
* Fixed FOFs causing Each Time effects on the ground below to fire.
* Fixed air-bobbing platforms’ undersides performing bizarre, undesired movements.
* Fixed sloped Quicksand and space countdown FOFs. Quicksand now also supports reverse gravity.
* Fixed a bug with being able to go under lava FOFs with slopes, due to the solid lava code not supporting slopes properly. The Lua functions P_CheckSolidLava and P_CanRunOnWater now also support slopes as a result.
* Fixed the TIME/SCORE part of the Single Player/Coop HUD moving position when the tally screen starts if you are using a non-green resolution. Also, the time display at the tally screen no longer limits the minute number to between 0 and 59.
* Fixed OpenGL screenshots appearing greyscale and distorted when taken in the 1366×768 resolution.
* Fixed a Software renderer-only glitch where PolyObject walls could sometimes be seen through level boundaries in other areas, turning anything above and below into HOM or skybox.
* Fixed some OpenGL-only glitches involving sloped FOFs with lighting.
* Fixed MD2 interpolation not working under certain circumstances (particularly if an object’s state has a finite duration normally, but the object has made it infinite instead).

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