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SRB2 Version 2.2.1 Release

Rob Tisdell - February 16, 2020

Hey all!

We’re releasing an update to 2.2. 2.2.1 is here! Since so many things were changed, we decided it was correct to release this as a full install package, so you’ll need to redownload this. You should be able to install this into your SRB2 folder where 2.2 lives with no problems. Your save files from 2.2.0 will still be valid.

We’ve been meaning to get it out for a while, but one thing or another always caused a snag in the plans. There are a couple major changes we think people will be happy with (Objects now have shadows, and Fickle’s camera mod have been implemented, for example), but it’s mostly bugfixing. Also, we did neglect to add a name to the credits, so by way of apology, I specifically want to specifically acknowledge QueenDelta in this newspost for having made Dream Hill, a map that she made for 2.1, and was awesome enough for us to include in 2.2. She also made the new chip, enemy, and star assets for that map.

For right now, all we have is a Windows build for 2.2.1. As with 2.2.0, we will initially have a torrent available and update the page as we go. We’ll be periodically updating the download page and newsposts as builds for other platforms get added or otherwise made available.

Video with some noteworthy changes:

Changelog Highlights:
(Detailed changelog here)

  • Shadows have been added to the game.
  • A slew of camera options originally known as the “ficklecam” mod (Made by fickle) from the forums has now been added to the game.
  • Added the “Simple” play style, which automatically orientates the camera. It may prove easier for players using controllers.
  • OpenGL batch files are included in this package.
  • GIFs may be recorded under OpenGL.
  • The renderer may now be changed while in game.
  • Players now only uncurl from a ball after hitting the ground when using the Elemental Shield’s ability. This means you can break those monitors under the goop in THZ2!
  • Added sixteen angle sprite support.
  • Fixed the Fire Shield being extinguished by lava.
  • Adjusted Tails’ flight to discourage mashing the jump button.
  • Players no longer slide off polyobjects.

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