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SRB2 version 2.2.3

Rob Tisdell - May 10, 2020

Hey all
We’ve just added 2.2.3 as a patch update. Find it on the downloads page!

Highlights are:

* The console can now be used during menus
* The emblem hints and radar can now be used in Record Attack
* Continues can now be used infinitely in the vanilla game while using a save file; collecting tokens after obtaining all the emeralds rewards extra lives instead
* Added new laser effects for the Greenflower Zone 3 boss
* Many more features and fixes for modding purposes. See the full changelog here.

Linux users, binaries are available where they usually are. You can find that on the downloads page, they’ll be updated within moments of the post.

Mac users, we have a stable environment to make Mac builds in, we’re hoping to have a 2.2.3 build ready for you guys soon. Hold tight.

Windows users, you’ll notice that we don’t have a 64 bit build again. This is deliberate. The 64 bit build does not provide errorlogs, and those are becoming increasingly more important. The more people we have using those instead of 32 bit builds creates issues for getting reliable bug reports. And since there’s no benefit whatsoever to having a 64 bit build since Windows runs 32 bit applications perfectly fine, we’re not going to provide 64 bit builds until we can figure out what’s going on that is preventing errorlogs from being generated. As such, you will need a fresh 2.2.1 install of the 32-bit build to patch 2.2.3 over, the new patch will not work with the resource files that 64 bit builds required.

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