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SRB2 Version 2.2.5 Patch Release

SeventhSentinel - July 10, 2020

Hi everyone! Go grab our latest update from the downloads page!

We’ve got some great new features for you, including:

  • Shadows now render on the ceiling in reverse gravity.
  • The game now saves as the level ends. If you exit a special stage and re-enter the game, you will be in the next level.
  • You can now play as any character in NiGHTS mode.
  • You can now use SOC and Lua to make custom skincolors.
  • OpenGL has received an overhaul, resulting in performance improvements and shader support. The game ships with some shaders, but if your machine can’t handle them, you can turn them off.
  • Updated music for the tracks originally sourced from Mystic Realm.
  • We added Marathon Mode. It’s for full game speedruns. Find it under the 1 Player menu. We also included options for Ultimate Mode and for creating a backup to come back to if the game crashes during a live event.
  • Knuckles no longer crouches for as long after landing from a glide, making him lose less momentum and feel a little less chunky. He can swim underwater, too, which controls differently from gliding. We gave him a little something extra, too…

Play the video to see these features in action!

See the full changelog here. Enjoy the update!

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