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SRB2 Version 2.2.7 Patch Release

SeventhSentinel - September 30, 2020

Hello everybody! We’ve got another new update for you!

Since we had so much help from public testing, we were able to fix a lot of bugs. Thank you so much! We’ve also added some cool new features, such as:

  • Built-in skincolors may now be changed.
  • Added the netticbuffer cvar. This stores some inputs in a buffer in case the network is slow, exchanging netcode induced lag for input delay.
  • (OpenGL) Model Lighting now works when shaders are enabled.
  • Added a menu option to show joiner’s IP addresses.
  • New Master Server technology, bringing more uptime and smoother menus.
  • Optimized loading of PNG graphics, greatly reducing the load time of levels that happen to use PNGs.
  • Players can no longer change their name more than five times per minute.
  • Added a new Black Eggman sprite render by SuperPhanto.
  • 3D models made by Jeck Jims are now included with the game.

You can read the full changelog here.

Windows users: we have also changed from the stinky old 7-zip self extracting archive to a shiny new professional installer that supports four languages. Patching the game from here on out should be faster and easier. We are also including full installers for every single update moving forward. (We will still provide zip archives for those that need/prefer them.) We hope these changes benefit new players and our non-English communities. We would like to extend our thanks for ACStriker and yfyfyfyfyfy for the Spanish and Russian translations of the installers, respectively.

That’s it! What are you waiting for? Head to the Downloads page already!

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