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Welcome to the New SRB2 Message Board

SeventhSentinel - March 4, 2021

It’s done.

After over a decade, the SRB2 Message Board is finally upgraded to a modern interface. Gone are the days of the broken ratings system. No more shall we have to deal with a subpar experience on mobile browsers. We’re back, and we’re better than ever. We greatly appreciate your patience with us during the migration process.

We hope you like the new Addons & More system. There’s way too much to say about it for a single news post, so check out the instructions on how to submit files to it as well as these answers to some questions about it you probably have. If your addon somehow didn’t make it into Addons & More, please let us know!

“So, what other new features are on the new message board?” you might ask. First, one of the more obvious features: the ability to react to posts. Just click the “Cool!” button at the bottom of a post to let the post author know you like it. (It doesn’t do anything else, but they might get a notification for it, which could give them warm and fuzzy feelings.)

You now have the ability to set a banner that displays on your profile and on the profile preview that appears if someone hovers over your profile picture. If you’re not sure what to set it to, may I suggest a screenshot of your favorite map?

Another fun feature is native support for emoji. Click the smiley face in the post editor to browse available emoji. There’s a text box in it to make searching for emoji easier. We added some custom ones that you might recognize from our Discord server.

We’ve also added an extension for the code block BBcode that lets you denote what language your code uses as well as highlight any lines you want. The code language is set to Lua by default, and several more languages are available.

There are a bunch of new styles to pick from, including ones for every character in SRB2, with more on the way. The style selector is still on the bottom left of every page, just like the old forum.

Contest winners will now see their wins displayed on their profiles. These trophies are part of the badges system. We will continue adding badges for every OLDC, but any other new badges will be few and far between. Winners of the most recent contest will also get a yellow banner under their name instead of a yellow username. With all these styles, we decided it’s best to keep all usernames the same color.

Finally, here’s a big one: you can now install the SRB2MB on your PC or mobile device as a web app. As far as I know, it only supports Android and Windows 10. The Install button should be on the top navigation bar or on the bottom of the side navigation bar if you’re on mobile. Opera doesn’t always seem to show the Install button, so try Chrome or another browser if you don’t see it. (No, it’s not on the Play store, silly goose!) The web app looks and feels identical to the website, and you can access the SRB2 home page and the wiki through it. Now our community can always be just a tap away!

There is one small caveat: we still need to copy over info from v2.1 and v2.0 era addons so you can see which of them are reusable. This will take a while, so please bear with us!

Well, that’s pretty much everything. I probably forgot a couple of minor things, but I’m sure you’ll find them eventually. I sincerely hope you all find the new message board to be an improvement. We’ve certainly done our best to meet that goal. If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or suggestions, please feel free to make a post in the Talk to the Staff subforum — we’d love to hear it.

I’d like to close by extending my gratitude to everyone involved with the migration: AlamGBC, Alice, Boinciel, Charybdizs, D00D64, Inazuma, jameds, Larz T, LoganA, RoyKirbs, SteelT, and Varren. You guys are all wonderful!

Happy posting, everybody!

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