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SRB2 v2.2.10 Patch Release

SeventhSentinel - March 6, 2022

Hello everybody! It took longer than we’d like, but SRB2 v2.2.10 is finally here! Here are the highlights of this patch:

  • The file limit has been massively increased. (The skin limit is still 32, though!)
  • The tutorial has been redone for the new default controls.
  • Many new additions to Lua, including bot features, an improved input library, easing functions and more.
  • Blending modes for midtextures and FOFs.
  • Multi-tagging and more convenient slope copying for non-UDMF maps.
  • Generalized slopes for UDMF maps.
  • The ability to load folders for easier addon development. No need to compile your resources into a PK3 until you’re ready to release your work!
  • A couple of updated graphics, textures & sprites.
  • Way too many bug fixes to list here.

You can read the full changelog here.

Please note there is only a full install available for this release since every single one of the game’s files have been modified. You should be able to install it to your existing SRB2 v2.2 folder just fine, but feel free to back up your addons and saved games first.

Android players should be aware that the Android port of SRB2 is no longer officially supported. We know that’s disappointing, but we’ll keep the v2.2.9 APK up on the Downloads page for your convenience. The source code is publicly available on Lactozilla’s GitHub, so anyone with the necessary skills should feel free to update it themselves.

Our goal going forward is to get smaller updates out more often. We’d like the next patch to be made up of little more than a few quality of life features and more bug fixes. A lot of upcoming features and fixes (and many from this very patch) were generously contributed by the community. We’re grateful for your hard work.

That’s everything! Go grab the update from our Downloads page and get going! (At the time of writing, only a Windows build is available — hang on, Mac users!) Enjoy.

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