Sonic the Hedgehog


The blue streak is back, and he’s ready to tackle Eggman and his legion of robots! Sonic can blast through zones faster than anybody else, but he finds getting through hazards the most difficult. He will find many areas inaccessible and must find new routes around them. That’s not to say he’s not learned anything since last time. His new Speed Thok ability lets him launch forward at high speed, aiding him in long jumps and recovery from missteps.

Miles 'Tails' ProwerMILES “TAILS” PROWER

Tails was too busy trying to save rings last time around, so he’s eager to help out! He is known for his high intelligence and twin tails, which he uses to fly himself and his friends around the zones. Tails can ascend high enough to reach areas others can’t. 

Knuckles the EchidnaKNUCKLES THE ECHIDNA

Having played a minor role in stopping Eggman from the original Sonic Robo Blast, he’s back to put Eggman out of commission once and for all! Knuckles’s super strength allows him to smash through badniks and some other obstacles, revealing new areas. He can also glide through the air, climb on walls, and swim.


The destruction of the Ring Satellite only hardened the evil genius’s resolve. Dr. Eggman will stop at nothing to wreak havoc on the planet. Watch out for his destructive machines and any other tricks he has up his sleeve.