schar.png (7634 bytes) SONIC THE HEDGEHOG:

The blue streak returns again, ready to tackle Eggman and his robots. Definitely the quickest of all the three, but also the least versatile. He will find several areas inaccesible and must find new routes around them. That’s not to say he’s not learned anything since last time. The speed thok allows him to shoot forwards at high speeds, aiding him in longer jumps and giving him automatic acceleration.

tchar.png (10110 bytes) MILES “TAILS” PROWER:

Having missed his first chance to help Sonic back in Sonic Robo Blast, he is more than ready to assist Sonic this time around. While nowhere near as fast as Sonic, he has his flying ability, which will help him over longer jumps and reach new areas.

kchar.png (8149 bytes) KNUCKLES THE ECHIDNA:

Having played a minor role in stopping Eggman from the original Sonic Robo Blast, he returns to put Eggman out of commission once and for all. While he lacks Sonic’s speed, he is faster than Tails and retains his climbing and gliding skill.


Watch out! The evil doctor is back to wreak havoc upon the planet and make Sonic’s life miserable once again! He won’t stop at anything to achieve his ultimate goal.