How to Play

Sonic Robo Blast 2 uses slightly different controls from other platform games. You will move your character and control the camera with first-person style controls, using the keyboard and mouse.

To access the menu in-game, hit the Escape key. You may configure your controls in the Options.

Movement Controls

To move around, press the W and S keys to move forward and backward. Press the A and D keys to move sideways.

The W-A-S-D keys are arranged like the arrow keys, and they are on the left side of your keyboard.

To brake to a stop, press the movement key opposite the direction you are moving in.

Camera Controls

Unlike many 3D platformers, SRB2’s camera is controlled directly, like a third-person shooter. Use the camera controls to look and turn in the direction you want to travel in.

To control the camera, use the Mouse. For keyboard-only play, the Arrow Keys also control the camera, but we highly recommend using the mouse.

If moving the camera with the mouse seems too fast and slow, you can adjust the mouse sensitivity in the options.

Movement and Camera

Combining the movement and camera controls at the same time will allow you to move in one direction and look in another direction.

This is especially useful when fighting enemies and bosses.

Note that the camera can’t go through most walls, so if you stand too close to a wall, the camera will zoom in to avoid being pushed inside.


To jump, press the Space Bar.

Holding it down makes you jump higher than releasing it early.

Spin Dash

You can spin dash with the Spin Key, which is Left Shift.

Pressing and holding Spin while standing still will charge the spin dash.

When Spin is released, Sonic rolls forward, with more speed the longer the spin dash was charged.

You can cancel the spin dash while charging it by pressing the Jump Key.


Pressing Spin (Left Shift) while moving causes Sonic to roll with the speed he already has.

Character Abilities

Each character has a special ability that you can use by Jumping, then pressing the Jump Key again in midair.

Sonic’s ability is called the speed thok, and it launches you very quickly forward in the direction the camera is facing.

This can be useful for accelerating instantly and crossing large gaps.

The thok is extremely powerful, but stopping afterwards can be hard. Make sure to plan ahead or you’ll soar off directly into hazards.

Tails and Knuckles have special abilities, too. Respectively, they can fly and glide.

Shield Abilities

Finally, some shields in this game have a special ability you can use by Jumping, then pressing the Spin Key in midair.

Here, the whirlwind shield’s ability is a double jump. You can use it to scale hard-to-reach places.

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