Not only can you play SRB2 alone, but with a network connection or in splitscreen, your friends as well! SRB2’s multiplayer features eight different gametypes.

COOPERATIVE: Play through the single player game as a group. Team up by playing as Tails and carry your friends over obstacles.

COMPETITIVE: Just like Sonic 2’s split screen mode, each player runs through the stage, collecting as much stuff as possible. When one player has completed the stage, the rest of the players in the game have 60 seconds to complete the stage or they will die and the round will end. At the end of the round, players will be ranked in the following five categories:

  • Score – The player with the most points wins this category.
  • Time – The player who beat the stage the fastest wins this category.
  • Ring – The player who completed the stage with the most rings wins this category.
  • Total Ring – The player who picked up the most rings wins this category. Rings lost to enemies and hazards still count towards this score.
  • Item Box – The player who broke the most powerup monitors wins this category.

RACE: A straight race to the finish! When one player has completed the stage, the rest of the players in the game have 60 seconds to complete the stage or they will die and the round will end. Best time wins!

MATCH: It’s a free for all battle, and the one with the most points wins! Run around picking up rings to hurl at your opponent. Special weapon rings allow for even more extreme shots. Points are given depending on the status of your target:

  • Rings or Shield – 50 pts.
  • No Rings or Shield – 100 pts.

The player with the most points at the end of the round wins the round.

TEAM MATCH: Play match on teams, and the team with the biggest total score wins. Scoring is the same as match mode.

TAG / HIDE & SEEK: One player is it, and can tag others either by throwing a ring, or by touching them. Hiding players gain score for the time they avoid getting detected, and players who are it gain points for tagging other players. In Tag mode, players hit by the it player become hit themselves. In Hide & Seek, players are given a small amount of time to hide and then cannot move, and do not become it when hit.

CAPTURE THE FLAG: Just like the popular first person shooter mode, but with SRB2’s mechanics. Grab the opposing team’s flag and bring it back to your base while your own team’s flag is in the base to score a point for your team. While holding the flag, you can’t use double jump abilities, so be careful.

Special Ring Weapons

In certain multiplayer games, you can use the following match weapons to change the kind of rings you throw. Make sure you grab the weapon, the ammo, and have rings or else it won’t fire.

RED RING: This is your default weapon. It can’t be dropped and can be upgraded the the infinity ring powerup, which makes it not cost rings to fire.
AUTOMATIC: Hold down the fire key for a constant stream of rings. Watch out to make sure you don’t run out, though.
BOUNCE: This shot will bounce off walls, ceilings, and floors for a bit before disappearing. Great for firing around corners and in small rooms.
EXPLOSION: When this ring hits the target, it explodes in a fireworks-like display. This shot is so powerful that the target gets knocked back farther than normal.
GRENADE: Fires a bouncy grenade that explodes when it strikes a player or runs out of time. Great for guarding CTF bases and for chucking in places where you expect the opponent will run.
RAIL: Snipe at your enemies with this instant-hit weapon! Players hit with this weapon get knocked back farther than normal.
SCATTER: Fires five rings that spread out as they fly forward. The distance the opponent flies when hit varies depending on how far the shot traveled in the air. At point-blank range, scatter will send the opponent flying across the stage, leaving their items easily taken.

If you are hit while carrying any of these special rings, they will be dropped. Pick them up quickly to keep your opponents from stealing them!