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New Bug Reports System

Cue - February 22, 2011

Hey guys!
The bug reports system has just been through a major overhaul, we are now using a version of vBulletin Project Tools for version 3.8, this allows us to better manage the bugs you report, and better management means quicker fixing!
Not only can you now report SRB2 bugs via the Project Tools system, you can also report bugs and give feature suggestions for the Master Server, Website and Message Board!

Please be aware that the suggestions thread for SRB2 is still in place and will stay in place for the foreseeable future.

Report your bugs in SRB2 here (reverted back to old system)

Suggest features for SRB2 here

Report your bugs and suggest features for the Master Server here

Report your bugs and suggest features for the Message Board and Website here

UPDATE: Due to a few issues with the system, we have moved back to using the Bug Reports forum for Bug Reports for SRB2. You may still use the Project Tools system to submit bugs and features for both the Master Server and the Message Board/Website.

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Q & A

Spazzo - June 11, 2010

Hey, guys, you all enjoying v2.0.6? Glad to hear it!

Anyways, since the tension and pressure has finally been relieved behind-the-scenes, I thought I’d take a quick moment to address a few questions.

Q: Whoa, OpenGL is enabled? Why’d you guys do this?

A: In the past, we have had seperate “opengl-enabled” EXEs released using a different compiler. Not only did this take away any reason for us barring its use officially, but it created stability issues when you tried to play the game on an EXE without OGL. It was decided that — for the sake of simplicity, ease of use, and to please our users — that we should just enable its use to the public.

Q: Does this mean you guys are actively working on fixing OpenGL?

A: Yes and no. Our priority at this moment is not to concentrate all of our development resources on perfecting our second renderer. With that said, if solutions to existing¬†¬†issues with OpenGL are brought to us, we have no reservations integrating them — just don’t expect feature implementations anytime soon.


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A few messages about release

Spazzo - May 15, 2010

Given how close in proximity we are to a release, I think it’s time that I go over a few of the more major (if also controversial) changes that lay ahead. As I see it, it’s only fair that you guys get some foresight to what’s about to go down in the next little while.

As Bill Nye once said, please “Consider the Following” for v2.0.5’s release:

  • As a result of the MS Reform, we can no longer provide legacy support for older SRB2 versions on the Master Server. In other words, upon launch, no official/unofficial version of SRB2 prior to v2.0.5 will be compatible with the MS. Attempting to connect to the MS with these versions will result in the game locking up. This includes v2.0.4 (and all of its respective EXE mods), 1.09.X, SRB2JTE, and any other version you can think of. There’s nothing we can do to retain compatibility with the new MS, so you’re just going to have to play over IP.
  • The Master Server banlist will be purged at launch. Since we are rewriting the MS rules, it makes sense to clean the slate of those stuck beneath our old rules.
  • The old “reporting” system has been redone from scratch to suit the needs of the new Master Server, and has been completely integrated with our message board software.
    • I’d also like to take this moment to discourage those who go around and join netgames for the sole purpose of finding a server to file a complaint about. We are redesigning the MS rules with this goal in mind, and hope that the complaint box will be used only when absolutely necessary.
  • Due to the changes to the IWAD and the in-game physics, all time attack records and demos will be invalid.
  • Oogaland’s SRB2 Launcher (not to be confused with the launcher on the download page) will not be compatible with v2.0.5, and will cease to function after its release.

More info on what’s changing (including the full 204-to-205 changelog) to come at launch. See you then!

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A dev trinket here, a dev trinket there…

Spazzo - May 13, 2010

Because you’ve all been really nice and patient with us regarding v2.0.5 (trust me, we’re almost ready!), here’s a little something that we’d like to share with you in return. Fellow STJr. programmer and Wiki maintainer Inuyasha has been posting a few v2.0.5 clips of his own to his personal YouTube, highlighting some new minor additions and ‘interesting’ achievements he’s accomplished in the game. See for yourself:


In unrelated news, the MS Reform testing that occurred on May 9th went on without a hitch, and everything was confirmed to be in good working order. With some luck, the transition to v2.0.5 should be the most stable and flawless transition yet.

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What’s in a stage?

Spazzo - May 3, 2010

Going from a concept to a physical and enjoyable stage isn’t always easy.

The difference between the concept and the stage itself can range from trivial (where the level was sketched out and replicated in a WAD editor nearly line-for-line) to grossly different (the level sketch was used as the concept’s foundation while the level itself was considerably altered), depending on the mapmaker. In either case, concept sketches are as beneficial to the design process as they are interesting to look back on and see where it all came from.

Continue reading after the jump to see some concept sketches of some of SRB2’s multiplayer stages. These sketches range from six months to over eight years old.


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Sky Sanctuary Progress

SSNTails - April 23, 2009

The Sky Sanctuary team has also been making some fantastic progress, allowing us to include things in the next version that I could never imagine making it. To release in May I think would be cutting all of their work too short.

So… we’ve decided on a new target – SAGE!

This will give us time to fix more bugs, perfect the multiplayer system, and give some extra polish to the Single Player mission. I know you have to wait a little bit more, but I’m sure it will be worth it.

SAGE begins on July 25th, 2009. You can check out the website –

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SRB2ME Teaser Trailer

SSNTails - November 26, 2008

Hey guys! New release May 2009. New zones and more! You can find a preview video.

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