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Q & A

Spazzo - June 11, 2010

Hey, guys, you all enjoying v2.0.6? Glad to hear it!

Anyways, since the tension and pressure has finally been relieved behind-the-scenes, I thought I’d take a quick moment to address a few questions.

Q: Whoa, OpenGL is enabled? Why’d you guys do this?

A: In the past, we have had seperate “opengl-enabled” EXEs released using a different compiler. Not only did this take away any reason for us barring its use officially, but it created stability issues when you tried to play the game on an EXE without OGL. It was decided that — for the sake of simplicity, ease of use, and to please our users — that we should just enable its use to the public.

Q: Does this mean you guys are actively working on fixing OpenGL?

A: Yes and no. Our priority at this moment is not to concentrate all of our development resources on perfecting our second renderer. With that said, if solutions to existing¬†¬†issues with OpenGL are brought to us, we have no reservations integrating them — just don’t expect feature implementations anytime soon.


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Master Server Downtime

Spazzo - May 5, 2010

The Master Server will be offline for 24 hours for maintenance and testing on Sunday, May 9th, 2010. We are running some tests of the new MS reform functionality (as seen here) which are incompatible with v2.0.4.

We’re sorry for any inconvenience this causes, and we will do our best to restore MS connectivity as soon as possible. Thanks for understanding.

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We’re now on Twitter!

Spazzo - April 29, 2010

First YouTube, now Twitter….man, we’re really embracing Web 2.0!

Any future blog posts, version releases, video releases, and other press-related events will be tweeted, so you won’t ever be behind on the latest news with SRB2 ever again.

Follow us here:

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Online play in v2.0.4, for dummies!

Spazzo -

“A reference for the rest of us!”

For those who don’t already know, I’d like to take this time to quickly address the most frequently asked question, and I quote:


Well, the answer, plain and simple, is because the master server address changed a while ago (after v2.0.4 launched), and SRB2’s config file was pointing towards the now-defunct address. Don’t worry, this has all been rectified for v2.0.5, so you won’t have to ever do this again.

For those who don’t already know, here’s how to fix it: Once you start up SRB2, go to Options >> Server Options, and change the Master Server address to “”, without quotation marks. This will solve all of your online issues.

If you guys have any other problems, don’t

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New YouTube video: Single Player Trailer

Spazzo - March 30, 2010

Check it out!

Be sure to watch out for part 2! If you haven’t already, don’t forget to subscribe to our official YouTube account as well.

I would also like this time now to point out that the defunct OpenGL renderer was used for this footage ONLY due to poor recording conditions. Sonic Team Jr. does not officially endorse or support the usage of OGL.

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