division bar, now with SSL try #3

LoganA - December 20, 2011

Some people reported that HTTPS is broken/blocked from some places, so for now HTTPS use is optional.

division bar, now with SSL try #2

It seems that with some browsers, it give out a warning message with the SSL certificates I just installed.
AlamGBC has fixed this issue.

division bar, now with SSL

I’ve got a SSL certificate for the domain

It is now setup on the following sites:

That is all.

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Wiki Upgrade

LoganA - November 28, 2011 will be down while I upgrade it to version 1.18.0

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Emergency Outage Tomorrow

LoganA - March 1, 2011

Bah bah, need to shut down server tomorrow around 6:45PM CST, they need to fix the power at the data center.

The outage is over, back to work!

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New Bug Reports System

Cue - February 22, 2011

Hey guys!
The bug reports system has just been through a major overhaul, we are now using a version of vBulletin Project Tools for version 3.8, this allows us to better manage the bugs you report, and better management means quicker fixing!
Not only can you now report SRB2 bugs via the Project Tools system, you can also report bugs and give feature suggestions for the Master Server, Website and Message Board!

Please be aware that the suggestions thread for SRB2 is still in place and will stay in place for the foreseeable future.

Report your bugs in SRB2 here (reverted back to old system)

Suggest features for SRB2 here

Report your bugs and suggest features for the Master Server here

Report your bugs and suggest features for the Message Board and Website here

UPDATE: Due to a few issues with the system, we have moved back to using the Bug Reports forum for Bug Reports for SRB2. You may still use the Project Tools system to submit bugs and features for both the Master Server and the Message Board/Website.

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More Server Downtime

Cue - January 18, 2011

If you tried to get on the site or message board (or MS or Minecraft) in the past 36 hours, you would have been greeted with errors* followed by no connection. Our hard drive failed and the /tmp filesystem went into Read-Only mode, so MySQL wasn’t working properly. We then rebuilt the server with a new HDD in it, so now we’re all good to go. No data has been lost, we’re just ironing out a couple of kinks. We apologise for the outage in Services, and hope to have everything running at 100% as soon as possible.

* And trust me, the 2317 emails I got from vBulletin telling me there had been MySQL errors was more than enough to show you guys were trying. The message board emails me every time there’s an error, you see.

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The Big Server Hoo-Hah

Cue - September 18, 2010

Saturday the 11th of September, 2010, our server’s hard drive suffered from multiple errors, prompting us to have it replaced. During this time, we also made the decision to switch from our Debian and DirectAdmin backend, to the much more powerful CentOS and cPanel/WHM backend. After having a new drive installed, we immediately began to try grabbing our data off the old drive, only to find it was completely dead. Fortunately, Logan had made backups of our most important data, that being every MySQL Database on the server, as well as the files for the Wiki, SVN, Message Board and Main Site. Unfortunately, this has meant the loss of quite a few files, including the IRC Bot Crawla, which took a great deal of time to code, due to complex Regular Expressions and other conditionals, as well as every site other than the aforementioned three.

This held us back by quite a bit, and it is only now that we have finally finished rebuilding and configuring the setup. Mystic insisted I get the site up as soon as possible, so I have done that, the Message Board and Wiki will follow soon, there are various settings that need to be changed to make them work perfectly on the new server, due to changes in the file structure (i.e. my username has been changed, so now vBulletin is going to be looking in the wrong path).
We apologise for the downtime, hopefully this will be the last substantial piece of downtime in a long, long time. Don’t worry, this hasn’t held back future releases of SRB2, our private development is done off our own server, so it was not affected by this week’s maintenance and data loss.

The game servers, unfortunately, were not backed up, we will be speaking with sb, the maintainer of the Team Fortress 2 server, and we will hopefully have that back soon. In the meantime, please feel free to visit the IRC Chatroom.

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Upcoming downtime v2

LoganA - April 21, 2010

The datacenter where is hosted at will be doing some network maintenance on the April 27, between the hours of 1 AM to 2 AM CST.

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Upcoming downtime

LoganA - March 6, 2010

The datacenter where is hosted at will be doing some network maintenance on the March 9, between the hours of 3 AM to 6 AM CST. This means for you that will be down during these hours.

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