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History Pages updated, SRB2 almost completely chronicled

Spazzo - February 21, 2010

Hey guys, how’s it goin’?

Anywho, the site has been updated quite a bit…The sidebar is now 18.75% more condensed, for starters. I’ve also added the remainder of the SRB2 releases (Final Demo 1.01 and up) to the History Page, although a few releases are still missing. If anyone still happens to have the original installation file for 1.09 or 1.01, don’t be shy, go on the forums and drop me a line, so I can add it to the collection. You’ll get a special mentioning on the front page, too.

They’ve been found! Thanks to Mystic and KaeptnIglo for finding the two missing archives!

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Wow, another update within two days…

Spazzo - May 15, 2009

I’d just like to make an announcement that the address used for contacting STJr. has been changed.

If you wish to contact us at Sonic Team Jr., please send e-mails to our new address, [email protected]

More information can be found on the contact page.

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Spazzo - May 13, 2009

Made a few minor updates to the site, and removed some of the outdated/unused material. I’m really surprised at how well this site is holding up, given how old it’s starting to get…

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Site Archive

Spazzo - May 15, 2006

If you want to view news posts from earlier than this point, then you’re going to have to go back to the following page:

Link to News Archives

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