General SRB2 Questions:

  1. How do I get addons to work?
  2. How do I use the console?
  3. How do I join a netgame?
  4. How do I join netgames using an IP address?
  5. Can I use the Master Server with older versions of the game?
  6. Why can’t I see anyone online in SRB2?
  7. How do you host your own netgame?
  8. Where can you set up your own netgame?
  9. Why is my antivirus program saying there’s a virus in my SRB2 exe?
  10. Where can I find more information about SRB2?

SRB2 Editing Questions:

  1. How do I make my own WAD files?
  2. How do I convert my 1.09.4 levels to 2.0?
  3. Where can I get the SRB2 source code?

General SRB2 Questions:

How do I get addons to work?

There are two easy ways to do this.

  1. Use the console and type “addfile filename.wad”.
  2. Use a command prompt and type the parameter ” -file filename.wad”

Generally, it’s easiest to use the console, but use whatever method is the easiest for you.


How do I use the console?

You can pull down the console by pressing the key in the top left of your keyboard, the “tilde” (`). If you’d rather use another key, you can change the console key in the Miscellaneous Controls section of the Controls menu. As for the individual commands, you can type HELP to see a list, or view the listing on the Wiki.

It’s important to note that many of the console’s features can be accessed in other ways, for simplicity’s sake. Most variables can be changed through various options in the options menu.


How do I join a netgame?

There are three methods to join a netgame:

  1. Go to Multiplayer, and select the “Join Game (Search)” option. The default list view only shows games on your local network; use the “Room…” option to select a room from the Master Server and display Internet games. Select the one you want to join and hit enter, and it will attempt to join.
  2. Go to Multiplayer, and click on the “Join Game (Specify IP)” option. Then, type in the IP address of the player you want to join.
  3. Alternatively, you can type “CONNECT ” and the IP address of the server into the console. For more info on joining by IP, see the section below.


How do I join netgames using an IP address?

For the server, you need to have your current IP address on hand. Make sure this is your public IP address; if the IP address you want to share starts with “192.168”, then it’s a private IP address; nobody can reach that location from outside your local network! If you don’t know how to get your proper IP address, then just ask Google “what is my ip“.

To join by IP, you’ll need to get the server’s IP address in some way and then wait for them to host. Occasionally routers can mess up the ports and it won’t work right, but 90% of the time you won’t have any trouble hosting without the Master Server. Once the server puts his game up, use the “Join Game (Specify IP)” or “CONNECT” options shown above to connect to the server.

Keep in mind that we hold no responsibility for what goes on in games that are hosted via IP, because they are being played off of our Master Server system. In other words, those who have been blacklisted from the master server are free to host via IP address, and should have no problems whatsoever with getting other people to join.


Can I use the Master Server with older versions of the game?
Generally, no. When a new patch is released, older versions are obsoleted; the Master Server will refuse any connection from an older version of the game, telling you to update the game to play online.

However, there are exceptions to this rule; new major releases (such as 2.1.0) tend to be buggy, so we temporarily allow older major releases to connect so that online play is not disturbed. For example, version 2.0.7, the last release in the 2.0 line, is still supported on the Master Server to this day. Note that we reserve the right to disable Master Server connections for older versions at any time.

Do note that the Master Server is not required to play the game online; it merely makes the process easier. You can play online with any version of the game that supports online play by connecting using an IP address.


Why can’t I see anyone online in SRB2?

If you’re using 2.1:
Make sure that you’ve actually selected a Room on the Master Server. If the Server List’s “Room” option says “<Offline Mode>” or “<Select to change>”, then select the “Room” option in the menu with the enter key, and select a room from the following menu.

If you’re using 2.0:
Make sure you’re updated to the last version 2.0 release, version 2.0.7. You can check the lower left corner of the title screen to find your game’s version number. If it displays 2.0.7, then you’re good to go. If it displays 2.0.6, or doesn’t display a version number at all, you should update to the 2.0.7 patch; you can download the patch in the “Archived Versions” section of this site.

If all else fails, try again later; the Master Server may be down, or nobody might be hosting at the current point in time.


How do you host your own netgame?

To host a netgame, go to Multiplayer, and click on “Host Server”. Set a server name, gametype, and select a stage to start on. To host a public server on the Master Server, select the “Room” option to change it from “<Offline Mode>” to whatever room best fits what sort of modes you wish to play. When you’re ready to host, select “Start”.

If you have a router and nobody can join your game, it’s likely you need to forward ports on your router. SRB2 requires port number 5029 (UDP) to be open for your game to show up in SRB2 and the MS Launcher. In order to fix this you will need to set your computer to use a static IP address, and then you need to forward the ports from the router to the computer you are hosting from. These resources can help you in this process:

If you have a firewall and nobody can join your game, you’ll likely need to whitelist SRB2 so it can access the internet.


Where can you set up your own netgame?

There are several ways to set up netgames.

  1. Join or host a game on the master server. This is by far the most effective option, since anyone playing SRB2 will be able to see your server on the listing and join it right from the in-game menu.
  2. Set up a game with your friends.
  3. Join the #srb2fun IRC channel and see if anyone is interested in playing a game.
    Note that #srb2fun is a general chat channel; there may be people in the channel just for chatting who are not interested in SRB2 netgames. Please don’t bug the denizens of the channel to join your netgame.


Why is my antivirus program saying there’s a virus in my SRB2 exe?

It is almost certainly a false positiv from your antivirus program. Some antivirus and anti-spyware programs (Pest Patrol is a good example) see a program that uses encryption of any type and get paranoid when they can’t tell what exactly is encrypted (if anything), and will treat it like a trojan, regardless of whether it is or not. To the absolute best of our knowledge, SRB2 is not. We ensure that the download links to our game that we provide on our site are clean and not tampered with.

Also, you may have heard rumors of a “supervirus” in SRB2. This is a hoax related to the modified EXE known as “SRB2JTE”, and not related to SRB2 in general. In addition, the “supervirus” is purely an in-game, visual effect, and is not a virus in any sense.


Where can I find more information about SRB2?

The SRB2 Wiki is a great resource for finding anything related to SRB2, including level information, tutorials, and so on.


SRB2 Editing Questions:

How do I make my own WAD files?

The SRB2 Wiki has plenty of information on how to get started with editing SRB2. Specifically, look through the Tutorials available on the SRB2 Wiki to help you get started with anything you can imagine.


How do I convert my 1.09.4 levels to 2.0 or 2.1?

SRB2 2.0 comes with a converter which will convert your maps for you. There are certain things that it will not convert, like SOCs and level headers, so you may need to double check your level to see what you need to fix.

The converter supplied with SRB2 runs in the DOS command prompt. For information on how to run the command prompt, look here. Once you have the command prompt running, you are going to need to change to the folder where SRB2 is kept. For example, If your folder is “C:\Games\SRB2” then you should write “cd c:\Games\SRB2” without the quotes. Once you’ve done that, you can find help on the level converter by simply typing “lvlconv” without the quotes.

SRB2 2.1 does not come with a built-in converter, so changes need to be done by hand. However, the number of changes required to make a working 2.1 map is much less than required to convert a 1.09.4 map to 2.0.


Where can I get the SRB2 source code?

For versions before 2.1, the source code is located in a self-extracting RAR called SRB2Src.exe, which is included with SRB2 and placed in your SRB2 directory. For version 2.1 and beyond, you can find the source code on GitHub.