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17th March 2001
What skill level will you play SRB2 at when you first play the game?

13th February 2001
Are you dissapointed with SAGE's delay?

25th January 2001
What do you want to see most from STJr?

2nd January 2001
First annual STJr silly poll!

22nd December 2000
Should we develop a Megaman X Game?

1st December 2000
What did you think of SRB2 - Demo 1?

16th November 2000
SRB2 Mods - Will you make stuff?

5th October 2000
SRB2 - The SAGE reaction

19th September 2000
Save-game System

20th August 2000
The White Glove Diaries

18th June 2000
The New Project

31st May 2000
SRB2: XMAS Readme File

26th April 2000
SRB2: XMAS v0.94 Release Date

8th April 2000
The STJr Contest

27th March 2000
Processor spec for SRB2


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Previous Polls and Results

17th March 2001 - What skill level will you play SRB2 at when you first play the game?

I admit it... Cakewalk - 19 (28%)
Easy - 10 (15%)
Normal - 19 (28%)
Hard - 8 (12%)
Very Hard!! And I'm not lying! - 10 (15%)

Oops, this poll kinda ran on for longer than it should have done, explaining the high turnout. In any case, not much to say here. Perhaps a higher percentage are opting for 'Cakewalk', but you won't get much of a bonus for beating the game on that skill level.

13th February 2001 - Are you dissapointed with SAGE's delay?

I'm really disappointed! I was really looking forward to seeing the SRB2 demo on Feb. 9th! - 18 (37%)
I'm a little disappointed, but I think I can live with myself. - 6 (12%)
Not really bothered. - 4 (8%)
No - It gives everyone more time to get their booths ready, and make the demo perfect! - 14 (29%)
SAGE? Huh? What? - 6 (12%)

Not much to say here. At one time SAGE seemed to be in danger of being scrapped entirely, but luckily, this hasn't happened!

...And Blaze will probably be pleased to know that a slightly smaller percentage of voters voted for 'SAGE? Huh? What?' ;-)

25th January 2001 - What do you want to see most over this year?

The completion of SRB2! - 25 (69%)
More stuff in general about SRB2! - 2 (5%)
More on S:EQ-RPG. - 6 (16%)
Anything more about the MMX game - 3 (8%)

Pretty much what we expected to see - most of you want to see SRB2 completed soon. Don't worry - hopefully, it's not too far away now...

2nd January 2001 - First annual STJr silly poll! What do you want most for Christmas this year?

A big donut - 4 (20%)
Cheese - 3 (15%)
A book about the number '42' - 5 (25%)
Waffles and celery pie - 0 (0%)
The Blog Game - 2 (10%)
What happened to the rabbits? - 6 (30%)

I am quite frankly disgusted at the way society is operating today. NO-ONE voted for 'Waffles and celery pie', so you're all quite obviously missing the point of this poll. It's things like this that are proving that modern society is CRUMBLING DAY BY DAY!

...Mind you, I myself voted for 'The Blog Game', so I can't really complain.

22nd December 2000 - Should we develop a Megaman X game?


This was just freaky. The poll turnout from Day 1 was abnormally high. I found out why - lots of repeated votes from remarkedbly similar IPs on both sides. It made it kinda hard to choose between 'honest' voters and people who just wanted to either really see a Megaman X 3D fan-game or not. (Presumably one person really DID want to see a Megaman X 3D fan-game and someone else did not).

Therefore, the results for this ended being about 40 votes for the project and 47 against. But I think it'd be say at least 60% or so of the votes were repeat votes. In any case, the result was somewhat unclear. The fate of the Megaman X game is uncertain (although it was only a little speculated idea that AJ and myself had, and we curious as to what fans would have said) but we may as well get SRB2 done first before we decide. Thanks to everyone who voted (properly) anyway.

1st December 2000 - What did you think of SRB2 - Demo 1?

...Woah - 15 (44%)
It's great! I really enjoyed it! - 9 (26%)
Pretty good - 2 (6%)
Not so good - 2 (6%)
...No thanks. - 6 (18%)

Pretty good turnout here. Two votes were revoked for basically being stupid homophobic rants (they didn't stay up long on the comments page, that's for sure). Wrong poll, guys! Other than that, it seems that a good 75% of you enjoyed the game. We'll have to see if this figure will increase when we release the next demo...

16th November 2000 - SRB2 Mods - Will you make stuff?

Yeah! As soon as the game comes out! - 11 (32%)
Possibly... - 14 (41%)
Nope. Can't be bothered - 0 (0%)
Nope. Sounds too complex - 8 (23%)
I've already made a bonux level! - 1 (2%)

Pretty much the expected response, though I'm surprised nobody said that they wouldn't be bothered, and to those who think that it involves learning C - unless you want to seriously change the game you DO NOT need to know how to program. I hope that's cleared up a few things.

5th October 2000 - How do you feel about SRB2 after our apperance at SAGE?

I'm peeing in my pants in anticipation! - 7 (30%)
Very good! I can't wait for the finished game! - 8 (34%)
Pretty good, but I think I can wait. - 1 (4%)
No difference, really - 3 (13%)
SAGE? Huh? - 4 (17%)

Well, with about 65% of you happy with the progress on SRB2, that's a pretty good sign. Surprisingly, a large number of you didn't know what SAGE was - though the show is over, you can check out the aftermath at sage.segasonic.net - Only one person wasn't too happy with the movies, and three more didn't really feel any different!

19th September 2000 - What style of save-game system do you prefer?

Auto-save after each level - 8 (17%)
Option to save after each level - 5 (11%)
Save whenever I want - 19 (42%)
Save areas (Save your game in certain areas of the level)
- 8 (17%)
Limited number of saves per level - 5 (11%)

Well, it certainly seems that a lot of you would far sooner be able to save your game whenever you like. Auto-saving and save areas seemed to be of interest, while optional saving and limited numbers of saves weren't quite so popular.

20th August 2000 - The White Glove Diaries - What do you think?

Theyíre great! More please! - 33 (64%)
Good - keep it up - 4 (7%)
Good enough, itís a nice section to the site - 6 (11%)
No thanks - 8 (15%)

There are some inaccuracies here - this poll was meant to end at least a month earlier, but it dragged on, explaining the abnormally high level of results. In any case, the response was pretty overwhelming, with only 15% of you fed up with the WGD, and the other 85% perfectly happy with them. Thereís going to be more once the new design is up.

18th June 2000 - The new project - what the heck is it?

A cross between a platform game and an RPG - 14 (43%)
A stealth-based Sonic game - 2 (6%)
A Sonic-based racing game - 3 (9%)
Sonic Robo Blast III?!?! - 6 (18%)
Sonicís Great Cheese Adventure! - 7 (21%)

The game obviously isnít Sonicís Cheese Adventure, but itís an.. uh.. interesting prospect for a project in the very distant future, but what about the others? Iíll just say this: Very few of you got it right.

31st May 2000 - Do you read the SRB2: XMAS Readme file?

Always, and practically word by word too - 6 (42%)
Always, but I only take a quick glance at it - 5 (35%)
I read an earlier versionís Readme - 1 (7%)
Never! - 2 (14%)

Not much of a turn-out for this poll, but even so, itís good to see most people read the Readme file. For those that donít, read it before sending in bug forms. ;-)

26th April 2000 - When will SRB2: XMAS v0.94 be released?

May 15th 2000 - 5 (17%)
April 20th 2000 - 8 (28%)
Much Later this Year - 0 (0%)
Zibbyflub 42nd 4242 - 7 (25%)
Who cares? When itís out, Iím downloading it! - 8 (28%)

More mixed results here. The 8 of you who said April 20th were correct. The ones who said May 15th were slightly out, and to my surprise, no-one anticipated that itíd be a long time before the next release, which can probably only mean good things. ;-), another 8 of you just wanted it whenever it came out, and 7 of you have should really read the Ďsell-byí date on those milk cartons. ;-)

8th April 2000 - Will you enter the STJr Contest?

Heck yeah! - 67 (82%)
Nope - 5 (6%)
Maybe later - 10 (12%)

Either someone was continually voting ĎHeck Yeah!í or you mostly really want that soundtrack!!
UPDATE - I think this was actually the polls server going haywire and giving us weird results (on a newly created poll, it claimed we had around 10,000 votes - weird, huh?)

27th March 2000 - What spec processor do you use to play SRB2

486 or below - 6 (9%)
Pentium I / Pro / MMX - 18 (27%)
Pentium II / Celeron - 18 (27%)
Pentium III or above - 5 (8%)
Cyrix / AMD - 19 (29%)

Interesting - looks like about 75% of you should get the game running very smoothly indeed, so weíre well above our target.

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