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Design and content on SRB2 is copyright 1998-2009 by Sonic Team Junior. All non-original material in this game is copyrighted by their respective owners, and no copyright infringement is intended. This game's staff make no profit whatsoever (in fact, we lose money). THIS GAME SHOULD NOT BE SOLD FOR ANY COST WHATSOEVER! Sonic Team Junior is in no way affiliated with Sega or Sonic Team.

Table of Contents
  1. System Requirements
  2. Items
  3. Special Moves
  4. Basic Gameplay
  5. Surroundings
  6. Multiplayer
  7. Zones
  8. Controls
  9. Console Command Summary
  10. Extras
  11. Troubleshooting

thanks.png (8396 bytes)Thank you for installing SRB2! This fan created tribute game to one of the greatest video game series has been over 11 years in the making. Before you begin play, please note the system requirements below to make sure you have an enjoyable experience.

System Requirements

Minimum Spec (320x200):

Recommended Spec (640x400):

SRB2 will run on lesser machines, but is generally not recommended.


There are many items you will encounter throughout the game that Sonic and his friends can use to their advantage. Below is a short summary of the most common ones you will find.

Ring0000.png (1178 bytes)


The main lifeline for Sonic & Co. Your collection of rings will scatter when hit, but as long as you have one, you cannot be killed (except from a pit or crusher).

ring.png (1109 bytes) 10 Ring Box

Adds 10 rings to your cache

wshield.png (1114 bytes) Whirlwind Shield

Protects you from one hit. Press the spin button while jumping to perform a second jump. Beware, though, as the second jump stops you from spinning.

yshield.png (1112 bytes) Attraction Shield

Protects you from one hit. This will attract nearby rings. Don't go too deep in the water, or you'll short it out!

bshield.png (1113 bytes) Force Shield

Protects you from two hits. It has a reflect ability that is automatically activated when it gets hit.

gshield.png (1113 bytes) Elemental Shield

Protects you from one hit. This protects you from the elements, keeps you from drowning, and creates a flaming trail when you spindash that will damage your enemies!

rshield.png (1110 bytes) Armaggeddon Shield

Protects you from one hit. When you get hit, the shield will explode, wiping out all enemies within its blast radius, destroying the shield. The explosion can be triggered by pressing the spin button while jumping as well.

invc.png (1112 bytes) Invincibility

Makes you invincible for 20 seconds.

shoes.png (1118 bytes) Super Sneakers

Increases your speed for 20 seconds.

soneup.png (1118 bytes)
soneup.png (1118 bytes)
soneup.png (1118 bytes)

Gives you an extra life. In match and CTF, it gives you 100 rings.

mixup.png (1162 bytes) Teleporter Scramble

In multiplayer, this will scramble the positions of all players in the game.

recycler.png (1230 bytes) Recycler

In multiplayer, this will scramble all of the players' powerups. This includes ammo, powerups, and weapons.

eggbox.png (1157 bytes) Eggman

Harms your player. Watch out!

random.png (1105 bytes) Random Item

What's in the box? Only way to find out is to open it!

token.png (1122 bytes)

Warp Token

At the end of the act, you will be taken to a special stage, giving you the chance to snatch one of the Chaos Emeralds back from Dr. Eggman's grasp! There are at least one of these in each act.

emblem.png (1368 bytes) Emblem

These are hidden in every act, except ones where you have to confront Eggman. Different ones appear depending on which character you play as. Getting enough of these will unlock special bonuses! You may obtain more by meeting special criteria, such as completing the game with all of the chaos emeralds. When you've picked up these emblems, they will disappear. If you find them again in a new game, they will be faded, indicating that you have already obtained that emblem. Check the statistics to see which emblems are missing from your collection.

In CTF, there are team based rings and monitors.

red_ring.png (1219 bytes) red_monitor.png (1199 bytes) blue_ring.png (1218 bytes) blue_monitor.png (1160 bytes)

Special Multiplayer Items

In certain multiplayer games, you can use the following match weapons to change the kind of rings you throw. Make sure you grab the weapon, the ammo, and have rings or else it won't fire.

red_ring.png (1219 bytes)

Red Ring (Default Weapon)

This is your default weapon. It can't be dropped and it uses normal rings for ammo.

wpnpanel_auto.png (1399 bytes) RNGA0000.png (1100 bytes)


Hold down the THROW key for a constant stream of rings.

wpnpanel_bounce.png (1533 bytes) RNGB0000.png (1275 bytes)


When fired, the bounce ring acts like a normal red ring, except that it will bounce off walls, ceilings, and floors for a bit before disappearing. Great for firing around corners and in small rooms.

wpnpanel_explosion.png (1359 bytes) RNGE0000.png (1326 bytes)


When this ring hits a wall, it scatters rings everywhere in a fireworks-like display. Players hit directly by the black ring get knocked back farther than normal.

wpnpanel_grenade.png (1455 bytes) RNGG0000.png (1227 bytes)


Fires a grenade that explodes by proximity. Great for guarding CTF bases and for chucking in places where you expect the opponent will run.

wpnpanel_rail.png (1489 bytes) RNGR0000.png (1163 bytes)


Snipe at your enemies with this instant-hit weapon! Players hit with this weapon get knocked back farther than normal.

wpnpanel_scatter.png (1370 bytes) RNGS0000.png (1127 bytes)


Fires 5 rings that spread out as they go farther. The distance the opponent flies when hit varies depending on how far the shot traveled in the air. At point-blank range, scatter will send the opponent flying across the stage, leaving their items easily taken.


metal.png (5951 bytes)

If you are hit while carrying any of these special rings, they will be dropped. Pick them up quickly to keep your opponents from stealing them!

Special Moves

Sonic and his friends each have abilities unique to themselves. Below is a summary of each character's special moves.


airspin.png (4279 bytes)

Air Spin Attack

While jumping, press the jump button again to hurl Sonic forward in a burst of speed.


tailsfly.png (18615 bytes)


While jumping, press the jump button repeatedly to fly for a short time. If you are playing with a friend, fly over them to pick them up for a ride!


While underwater, press the jump button repeatedly to swim for a short time. Just like flying, you can pick up others to give them a lift.


knuckles.png (16482 bytes)


While jumping, press and hold the jump button again to glide. Use the directional keys to steer.


If you collide with a wall while gliding, Knuckles will latch onto it. Use the directional keys to move along the wall. Press the jump button to release and turn around, or press the spin button to release while still facing the wall.

Basic Gameplay

    Your main objective is to stop Eggman's plans for world domination. The game is set over eight zones ranging from green fields and ancient sunken cities to raging volcanoes and the Egg Rock itself. Each zone is split up into three acts, the third one being a battle against Dr. Eggman in one of his powerful machines.

eggman.png (12925 bytes)

attack.png (3880 bytes)

    When you encounter enemies, to defeat them, simply use your spin attack by jumping. Enemies can also be destroyed by spinning through them along the ground. Knuckles can even glide through his enemies.

    However, beware! You are not invulnerable and, unless you have at least one ring, an enemy will kill you on contact, or if you are hit by one of their attacks. If you get hit by an enemy while you have rings, you will survive, but your rings will be dropped and scattered. You can pick them back up again, but only if you are quick; rings will dissapear after a few seconds have elapsed! You can find out how many rings you have in the top-left hand part of the screen.

stats_rings.png (19450 bytes)

wshield.png (1114 bytes) yshield.png (1112 bytes) bshield.png (1113 bytes) gshield.png (1113 bytes) rshield.png (1110 bytes)

    You can also obtain shields, which will dissapate to protect you if you are hit by a robot or an attack. Some shields have additional powers, which were described above, along with other power-ups you can obtain.

    Getting killed by a robot or by other hazards (described below) will result in the loss of one life - keep an eye on your lives in the bottom left hand side of the screen - losing all of your lives will end your game (unless you have a continue)!

stats_lives.png (19359 bytes)


The following is a description of several objects or environments you will encounter.

spring1.png (941 bytes) spring2.png (941 bytes) spring3.png (1071 bytes) spring4.png (1046 bytes)

spring5.png (1107 bytes) spring6.png (1138 bytes) spring7.png (940 bytes) spring8.png (940 bytes)


These springs will bounce you in the direction they are pointing. There are two varieties, yellow and red. The red spring is much stronger than the yellow spring. Beware though, as some springs may throw you headlong into trouble!

platform.png (47948 bytes)

Floating Platforms

These platforms may move up and down, allowing you to hitch a ride. Careful timing may be needed to leap from one platform to the next.

fan.png (1089 bytes)


Powerful fans swirl around at a high speed and produces a power blast of wind. It is advised to be careful on these, as it is easy to go flying off the fans and into danger!

conveyor.png (59401 bytes)

Conveyor Belts

Found in most of Eggman's factories, these conveyor belts are used to quickly transport robotic components and robots. While you can also make use of them, be alert! Eggman has changed the movements of them to lead an unwary player into a trap!

water.png (33687 bytes)


All three characters can go underwater, but movement is greatly slowed down, and only Tails can swim. Bear in mind that you cannot breathe while you are underwater and must make use of the air pockets that are found bubbling out of cracks in the floor. A countdown will appear if you are dangerously close to running out of air. If time runs out, you will drown and lose a life.

slime.png (67845 bytes)


This is largely predominant in zones where Eggman has been at work, such as the Techno Hill Zone. You can wade in it, but don't get in too deep! The only way to safely swim is with an elemental shield.

crusher.png (49485 bytes)


These traps are lethal and will immediately kill anyone trapped under one - even invincibility will not protect you here.

pit.png (5508 bytes)

Deep Pits

Like crushers, these traps immediately take one life and invincibility is useless.


Not only can you play SRB2 alone, but with a network connection, your friends as well!

coop.png (11051 bytes)


Similar to a single player game, you can play through the single player levels together. Up to 32 players allowed, but a maximum of 8 is suggested.

match.png (7565 bytes)


It's a free for all, and the one with the most points wins! Run around picking up rings to hurl at your opponent. Points are given depending on the status of your target:
  • Rings or Shield - 50 pts.
  • No Rings or Shield - 100 pts.

The player with the most points at the end of the round wins the round.

Press the "Rankings" key to view scores. Up to a maximum of 32 players allowed.

match.png (7565 bytes)

Team Match

It's a team based fight to the finish. Play match with teammates, and the team with the biggest total score wins. Scoring is the same as match mode.

Press the "Rankings" key to view scores. Up to a maximum of 32 players allowed.

race.png (5364 bytes)

Classic Race

Just like Sonic 2's split screen mode, each player must race to the end of the level. At the end of the stage, players will be ranked based on the following five categories:
  • Score - The player with the most points wins this category.
  • Time - The player who beat the stage the fastest wins this category.
  • Ring - The player who completed the stage with the most rings wins this category.
  • Total Ring - The player who picked up the most rings wins this category. Rings lost to enemies and hazards still count towards this score.
  • Item Box - The player who broke the most powerup monitors wins this category.

When one player has completed the stage, the rest of the players in the game have 60 seconds to complete the stage or they will die and the round will end. The player who wins the most categories wins the round.

race.png (5364 bytes)


Just like Sonic 3's split screen mode, each player must race to the end of the level. When one player has completed the stage, the rest of the players in the game have 60 seconds to complete the stage or they will die and the round will end. Best time wins!

tag.png (11057 bytes)


You're it! Up to 32 people can play in this touch-and-run frenzy! One player is it, and can tag others either by throwing a ring, or by touching them. You become it once you're hit. In some levels there is a no-tag zone, but don't stay in there too long! You gain points by avoiding a tag each time one occurs.

Press the "Rankings" key to view scores. Up to a maximum of 32 players allowed.

ctf.png (8251 bytes)

Capture the Flag

Just like the popular FPS game, but with a platforming twist! Choose a team - Red or Blue. Grab the opposing team's flag and bring it back to your base while your own team's flag is in the base to score a point.

Press the "Rankings" key to view scores. Up to a maximum of 32 players allowed.

You'll notice that in the LEVEL NAME, after the level, are letters in parenthesis. This tells you what kind of level it is.

C = Cooperative/Single Player

R = Race/Classic Race

M = Match/Team Match

T = Tag

F = Capture the Flag

Special Multiplayer Console Commands

Multiplayer can make heavy use of the console, and you may find several commands to your advantage. Please refer to the Console Command Summary below.

SRB2 uses ports 5029 and 5030 for network communication using the UDP protocol.


gfz.png (19494 bytes)

Sonic and friends immediately set out for the Greenflower Zone. Luckily, you've reached this green haven before Eggman has had a chance to completely take control. Whilst exploring this level, keep your eyes peeled for anything hidden among the foilage... including robots!

thz.png (23896 bytes)

Once a beautiful landscape, Eggman has turned this into a slime-ridden mess. You'll eventually reach the factory, and once inside, you'll have to negotiate lasers and crushers that have been installed to stop your progress. Finally, a battle will ensue on a high speed rail cart...

dsz.png (32144 bytes)

Sonic, Tails and Knuckles stumble upon some ruins, which have been flooded, partly by nature and partly by Eggman digging for the Chaos Emeralds. Be wary of water traps which can threaten to drown you!

cez.png (36151 bytes)

Having retreated here, Sonic, Tails and Knuckles must launch a full-scale assault on this castle and defeat Eggman, who is residing in the lower levels. Not only is this castle guarded by a huge wall, but Eggman has laid several traps inside that will catch you off guard!

acz.png (43670 bytes)

Having escaped Eggman's stronghold, you come across a huge canyon. While Sonic must find a way to cross this, Tails and Knuckles can use their abilites to the fullest. Be careful not to enjoy the scenery too much, as there are plenty of falling platforms and obstacles.

rvz.png (45020 bytes)

Finding Eggman's robots entering the volcano, you follow them to investigate what's happening. Rather than worrying about Eggman's traps here, you should be more concerned with the deadly lava, that threatens to rise without warning.

unknown.png (546 bytes)

You've finally arrived at the Eggrock Zone. Who knows what's in here? Except for a few surprises, maybe.

unknown.png (546 bytes)

??? -
More hidden levels are waiting to be unlocked... can you find them?


The following are the default controls and their definition. You can change the controls by going to Options/Setup Controls in the menu. Player 2's controls can be changed as well.


Default Key: Up Or W

Moves your player forward.

Default Key: Down Or S

Moves your player in reverse.
Turn Left

Default Key: Left

Turns your player left.
Turn Right

Default Key: Right

Turns your player right.

Default Key: Z Or Mouse2

Makes your player jump.

Default Key: X

If standing still, this will rev a spindash. If you are moving and on the ground, you will go into a spin.
Ring Toss

Default Key: RCTRL Or Mouse1

If in a multiplayer game that permits it, this button throws a ring.
Ring Toss Normal

Default Key: C

If in a multiplayer game that permits it, this button will throw a normal ring, whether you have special weapons or not.

Default Key: V

If in a multiplayer game, this key throws one of four random taunts at your opponents, providing they exist for your character. Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles do not have taunts.
Toss Flag

Default Key: ' (Apostrophe)

Press this key to throw a flag you are carrying (Capture the Flag).
Strafe On

Default Key: RALT

Hold this down to use the Left and Right keys to strafe.
Strafe Left

Default Key: A

Makes your player sidestep to the left.
Strafe Right

Default Key: D

Makes your player sidestep to the right.
Look Up

Default Key: PageUp

Tilts the camera upward.
Look Down

Default Key: PageDown

Tilts the camera downward.
Center View

Default Key: End

Centers the camera view.

Default Key: --- (No default key assigned)

When held down, use the mouse to move your view.
Talk Key

Default Key: T

Talk to other players in the game.
Team-Talk Key

Default Key: Y

Talk to team members in the game.

Default Key: Tab

View current scores/statistics.

Default Key: ~ (Tilde)

Brings down the console. For advanced users only.
Next Weapon

Default Key: E

Changes your weapon to the next one.
Previous Weapon

Default Key: Q

Changes your weapon to the previous one.
Weapon Slot 1

Default Key: 1

Changes your weapon to slot 1.
Weapon Slot 2

Default Key: 2

Changes your weapon to slot 2.
Weapon Slot 3

Default Key: 3

Changes your weapon to slot 3.
Weapon Slot 4

Default Key: 4

Changes your weapon to slot 4.
Weapon Slot 5

Default Key: 5

Changes your weapon to slot 5.
Weapon Slot 6

Default Key: 6

Changes your weapon to slot 6.
Weapon Slot 7

Default Key: 7

Changes your weapon to slot 7.
Rotate Camera L

Default Key: (

Rotates the camera left.
Rotate Camera R

Default Key: )

Rotates the camera right.
Reset Camera

Default Key: R

Resets the camera if it gets stuck.

Default Key: Pause/Break

Pauses the game.

Joystick Setup

controls.png (22752 bytes)

You can also use a joystick with SRB2! Look in the controls menu for a joystick menu to set it up!
If you have an analog joystick/gamepad, you are welcome to try the "Analog Control" option in the Options menu. In collaboration with the Rotate Camera L and R buttons, you may prefer this method of control over the standard one. Available in single player and split-screen, but not network games.

Console Command Summary

This is a general summary of some of the console commands that are in SRB2. More information can be found on the website.


CONNECT <ip> Connects to the specified IP address. If no IP is specified, it will search on the LAN for a game.
KICK <name or node #> Kicks a player in the current game (server only).
GETPLAYERNUM Lists all of the players in the game, their number in the array, and their node #s.
SAVE <slot> <description> Saves your game.
LOAD <slot> Loads a saved game.
TUNES <slot> Temporarily changes the game music.
DISPLAYPLAYER Displays the number of the current player being displayed.
LISTSERV Retrieves a list of games currently running if the master list is active.
NODES Lists all of the players in the game and their node #s.
SCREENSHOT Takes a screenshot of the game. Useful to bind a key to.
CHANGECONFIG <filename> Saves the current config and loads another.
LOADCONFIG <filename> Loads a new config without saving.
SAVECONFIG <filename> Saves the current configuration.


Manually changes the controls of 1P and 2P. See config.cfg for an example.
CHATMACRO Type in HELP CHATMACRO for more information.
QUIT Exits the game.
PAUSE Pauses the game.
ADDFILE <filename> Adds a file to the game.
EXITLEVEL Exits the current level.
EXITGAME Exits the current game.
MAP MAPxx (01-99) Changes the level.
STOPDEMO Stops the currently running demo.
TIMEDEMO Plays back a demo at full speed. Useful for benchmarking.
PLAYDEMO Plays back a recorded demo.
CHANGETEAM x (RED or BLUE) Changes the current CTF team you are on.
BIND <key> <command> Binds a command to a key.
CLS Clears the console buffer.
TOGGLE Type HELP TOGGLE for more information
HELP Provides help.
WAIT Waits a certain number of game tics before executing the next command.
EXEC <filename> Executes a console script.
ECHO Echos whatever you type.
ALIAS Creates an alias. Type HELP ALIAS for more information.
SAYTEAM <message> Sends a message to your team.
SAYTO <playername> <message> Sends a message to this player.
SAY <message> Sends a message to everyone.
MEMFREE Displays memory usage statistics.


SV_MAXPLAYERS (on/off) Sets the maximum number of players allowed to be in this game.
SV_ALLOWNEWPLAYERS (on/off) Allow new players to join instantly or not. Setting this to NO forces them to wait until the next map change.
SURROUND (on/off) Toggles DirectSound3D acceleration.
PRECACHESOUND (on/off) Tells the game to precache sound or not before playing.
STEREOREVERSE (on/off) Toggles reverse stereo mode.
CAM_ROTSPEED <integer>

CAM2_ROTSPEED <integer>

Changes the rotation speed of the camera.
CAM_ROTATE <integer>

CAM2_ROTATE <integer>

Changes the angle of the camera's rotation.
CAM_SPEED <integer>

CAM2_SPEED <integer>

Changes the speed of the camera.
CAM_HEIGHT <integer>

CAM2_HEIGHT <integer>

Changes the height of the camera.
CAM_STILL (on/off)

CAM2_STILL (on/off)

Forces the camera angle to freeze in place.
CAM_DIST <integer>

CAM2_DIST <integer>

Changes the distance of the camera.
ALLOWMLOOK Allow players to mouselook in a netgame (server only)
SONICCD (on/off) An alternate mode of death for enemies.
CHASECAM (on/off)

CHASECAM2 (on/off)

Turns the camera on and off.
GRAVITY <decimal value> Changes the gravity when allowed.
TRANSLUCENCY (on/off) Turns sprite translucency on and off.
SND_CHANNELS <integer> Sets the number of sound channels.
MUSICVOLUME <integer> Changes the music volume.
SOUNDVOLUME <integer> Changes the sound volume.
ALLOWTEAMCHANGE (yes/no) Allows players to change teams in CTF. (server only)
ALLOWAUTOAIM (yes/no) Allows players to use autoaim. (server only)
ALLOWEXITLEVEL (yes/no) Allows players to exit the level. (server only)
SHOWMESSAGES (on/off) Suppresses or enables some screen messages.
GAMMA <integer> Changes the gamma level.
COLOR <colorname>

COLOR2 <colorname>

Changes your player's color
NAME <name>

NAME2 <name>

Changes your player's name.
SKIN <name>

SKIN2 <name>

Changes your player's character.
FORCESKIN (on/off) Forces all players in the game to use the character that the server is using. (server only)
PLAYDEMOSPEED <integer> Changes the speed at which a demo is played back.
NETSTAT (on/off) Shows network statistics.
TIMELIMIT <integer> Sets a time limit for multiplayer levels. (server only)
INTTIME <integer> Changes the intermission time in multiplayer levels. (server only)
AUTOCTF (yes/no) Auto-sorts people on teams as they join. (server only)
TIMETIC (on/off) Displays the time in game tics.
SERVERNAME <name> Changes the name of the server.
INTERNETSERVER (yes/no) Enables or disables advertising of the game on the master list.
VID_WAIT (on/off) Enables/Disables V-Sync.
VID_TICRATE (on/off) Shows game speed stats on a graph.


knuckles.png (16482 bytes)

There are many add-ons and extra goodies for SRB2! Visit the Addons section at www.srb2.org for a large cache of downloads.


Have a problem? Question? Can't get SRB2 to work? Stop by the Forum at www.srb2.org and ask. Someone will be glad to help you work through the problem.