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Official SRB2 Community Discord

Rob Tisdell - September 14, 2017

Hey all!

So today we’re excited to be introducing something new.  We’ve created a Discord server and added it directly to the main page.  You can also check it out here.

The reason we’re doing this is because there’s been a noticeably downward trend in IRC activity, and Discord has been increasingly popular as a chat program.  Many people coming here don’t readily have an IRC client available, and Discord also has a built-in web application.  This should make it much easier for new members to work with and navigate easily.  We’re hoping that this will help new players and modders easily engage and have a good time

As we are trying to expand community access, we are also actively looking for staff.  We do understand that there have been lots of small sub-communities that have been formed lately (Kart Krew, just as an example), and we’re hoping to get people from those groups to be staff members.  We want a wide variety of input from various people who are active in different groups.  The diversity of opinions will help ensure that the staff caters to as many peoples’ interests as possible.  So if you’re part of a group and can think of someone who would be a good staff member, please, PM either me or one of the other admins either here or on Discord, and let us know who you think should be added to staff.  Please also be sure to  give good reasons for the recommendation.  We will, of course, have the final say (We need to be sure that the people we are giving moderation titles to can actually be good moderators), but again, we are actively seeking out people who themselves have been active in smaller circles.

I hope to see you all there.  Happy chatting everyone!

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