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Version 2.1.24 release

Rob Tisdell - June 9, 2019

Hey all, 2.1.24 has been released! Find it on our downloads page! Unfortunately at this moment, there is no Mac installer, sorry. I will update this post when that has been resolved.

Update: The Mac installer is now available on the Downloads page.

I also want to take this opportunity to let you all know that this is most likely the last patch for the 2.1 version of the game, barring some major game-breaking bug we overlooked. We have been making very good progress on 2.2’s development front, and I can now, with a very high degree of confidence, confirm that version 2.2 will extremely probably be done before the end of the year (Well before then, most likely!). I would like to thank you all for your patience in waiting on this, we know that the time between 2.1’s first release and now has been quite long, but we genuinely believe that the wait will be worth it. By far is 2.2 the most drastic set of changes we’ve ever made to the game, and we’re all very excited for when we can finally share what we’ve been making with all of you. Sit tight just a little bit longer, we’re almost there!

Oh, I guess I shouldn’t forget changelog:

  • APNG recording should now work in the Linux/Mac versions.
  • Added the “banip” command, for banning people by IP.
  • Editing enchancements for music: song length, positioning, and fading features with Linedef Exec and Lua support (aka Digiku’s”MusicPlus”: see for full documentation)
  • Fixed dedicated servers timing out after the credits.
  • OpenGL: Sprite billboarding can be enabled with the “gr_spritebillboarding” console variable. This just means they’ll always face the camera rather than looking flat as paper.
  • “localhost” now works as a valid IP address to join again, after being broken since version 2.0. This means people can now join their own servers without needing to find out their local IP anymore.
  • Flash palettes can now appear in screenshots.
  • Fixed crashes in netgames that can occur in levels from PK3 files.
  • Fixed some elusive software renderer glitches that sometimes effected lighting on FOFs
  • An error message is now displayed if you mistakenly added a PNG graphic for a sprite or texture when you shouldn’t have.
  • The game should no longer be marked as modified if you added replacements for many HUD graphics, the game’s console font, or some of the graphics used in the menus.
  • Oh, yeah, and we doubled all the freeslots for editing resources, which was the whole point of this patch. =P

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