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OLDC 2022: Round 1 Results

Alice - July 18, 2022

Hey everyone! Round 1 of this year’s OLDC has ended. There were a lot of great and amazing maps created for this OLDC round. Let’s see the results!

The winners of the single player division goes to Othius, Kanna, and Spectorious with their entry, Foliage Furnace Zone Act 2. An incredible sequel to Foliage Furnace Zone Act 1 with a lot of neat barrel canons interactions and a scorching hot furnace theme to go with it! Congratulations!

Foliage Furnace Zone Act 2 by Othius, Kanna, and Spectorious

Now onto the multiplayer division!
The winner for the Battle CTF division goes to PeneBoi with their entry Quartz Quadrant. A very fun and vibrant map featuring Sonic CD’s Quartz Quadrant in Battle CTF! Congratulations!

Quartz Quadrant Zone by PeneBoi

The winner for the CTF division goes to Blast98 with their entry Aquatic Territories Zone. An interesting CTF map based underwater with bases! Congratulations!

Aquatic Territories Zone by Blast98

You can view the full contest results here. If you haven’t checked out this contest pack yet, you can download it here.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the OLDC 2022 Round 1! The deadline for OLDC 2022 Round 2 is December 1st, 2022 at 23:59 UTC (6:59 EST). See you next OLDC!

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